Chapter 5: Just Starting

" And just like that," the training instuctor said, barely breathing hard. He had just finished showing me how to sword fight.

I was aware of the confused look on my face. I knew it made me unglier, and I usually woould have avoided a facial expression like that, but my mind was blank. I blinked a few times before saying, "What? Can you repeat that?"

The instructor shook his head.  This was the second time he had tried to teach me.

"I'm sorry! It's just so... challenging. I would cut the opponent's head off if I tried that." He brought his head up and stared at me for a second. "That's the idea!" he yelled, startling me.

I felt really bad for the guy, but I just didn't get it. I had tried the time before, but I really don't feel up to explaining what had happened. Let's just say there was a second instructor before I had picked up that sword.

"With all due respect Princess Alia, I must admit that you are hopeless. I have taught many, many, many royal members, but I must say that you have been the worst." He turned to go talk to my parents.

After hearing that, my mood only sunk more. If that was possible. I twirled a piece of my hair in my fingers, remembering last night. I wished harder and harder that I could replay that night as my dad called me over to him. I started running to him and cursed under my breath.

I arrived at the bench that they were sitting on in a minute, collapsing on the ground from fatigue.

"Honey?" My mom got my attention, and I looked at her eyes with pain. "Armondo told us what happened with practice. We all agree that you should go on to the other activity."

When she said that, I gave a big groan and made sure everyone could hear it. "But I don't want to do another activity, Mother!" I pouted, and of course, I got scolded.

"Aliatha Ralio! You stop acting like a five year old and start acting like a pincess would. You know better. Now get ready for archery. It starts in five minutes."


The End

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