Chapter 4: Breakfast

Wolf and I made our way down the hall to the dining room. Before we entered, I could smell the aroma of cooked eggs and bacon. I guess one of the pigs was gone.

I pulled a chair out, not thinking about the prince. But I could still see the scowl on his face just before he had stocked off. His reaction was pretty much the same as anyone else who took a glance at me. I was used to it.

Just then my parents walked in, anxious to get breakfast on the table.

"Hello Wolf," they greeted Wolf, who was licking his snout waiting for the food.

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Ralio. Lovely day, isn't it?" he said politely. I was almost surprised at what manners he could pull off.

After a few minutes of this chitchat, the chef brought in out meal. We each got a plate covered in scrambled eggs, bacon, three pancakes and a bowl of fruit. Wolf's eyes were the size of baseballs when He looked at me before digging in and I raised my eyebrows to signal that it was ok. That plate was gone in two mintes.

My parents brought up the subject of training camp later this morning.

"Why do I have to do it?" I whined.

"You can never have a princess that is not ready for a fight. I would be just horrible," my father said with disgust. I guess he was right.

I sighed and got back to my meal. When we were done and the plates were all collected, the chef brought out a bunch of these tasty pastery breads. Some were covered in sugar, some were chocolate, and some you couldn't see because they were covered in chocolate chips. Wolf avoided those.

I was ordered to get back to my room to change for training. I waved Wolf over to come with me. He was going to watch me train along with my parents.

We walked in silence back to my room and when we got there, my outfit was already layed out for me. Non-dressy pants along with a non-dressy shirt. My mood sunk when I found out todays skill was going to be hand-to-hand combat.


The End

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