Chapter 3: New Schedule

When I woke up to one of my assistants shaking me I groaned and rolled over onto my face and mumbled "Five more minutes." "Begging your pardon miss, but your parents request that you come immediatly and dress very well. They also mentioned something about a new schedule."

My eyes popped open at that. No training camp? This could mean nothing good.  I threw on a dress and barely paused to brush my hair before running down the stairs and coming to an abrupt halt before my parents, prim and  perfect as usual.

"Yes?" I asked in a calm manner. "You have a visitor before we go off to your training camp." I groaned loudly. Training camp was still on the menu. "Who is it?" I asked, not really caring.

"A prince darling!" said her mother cheerily. I groaned even more loudly, "Do I have to be here?" "Yes." my father said, staring me down. Sighing, I looked to the door that was creaking open.

A handsome man walked covered in expensive clothes. He had an aloof look that I didn't like at all. He took one look at me and his eyes widened. He then left the room without saying a single word to me.

I looked at my parents. "May I have breakfast now?" They nodded and I exited the room quickly joined almost immediatly by Wolf. "How'd it go?" he asked as we walked. "Same as Prines 2, 7, and 10." He nodded and we went to breakfast.

The End

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