A Mixed Up Fairytale

An adventure is before Princess Alia. But what is she supposed to expect from a magical forest?

You know how in pretty much every fairytale there's a princess that's beautiful? That's a stereo-type.

You see, not every princess is beautiful, or pretty, or dreamy. Take me, for example. I'm plain ugly. My parents are the real dreamy ones. So how did I end up so ugly?

My family--my parents and I-- live in a typical castle. The outside is made of huge grayish stones.  The inside is decorated with old suits of armor, beautiful bedroom decor and some pretty epic fireplaces. We also have a pretty cool dungeon. Not that it ever gets used.

I was staring at myself in the mirror, trying to fix my hair in a way that would, in anyway possible, highlight my face. I finally gave up. I would call in one of my assistants later. You heard me right. I have a bunch of assistants that help me out throughout the day. Some of them I need, like my chef. But some I don't, like my bath runner.

Before I left the room to see if dinner was layed out, I took one more look. My nose was way to oversized, my eyebrows were huge and fuzzy, and my eyes were an ugly shade of brown. I was hopeless.

I walked out, my heels clicking on the exposed stone floors. By the time I had made it to the dining room, everyone was already seated. I gave an apoligetic smile and quickly made it to my chair. We were having roasted turkey with gravy and peas. My favorite. Not. I may be a princess, but I still have to eat what my parents tell me to eat.

I ate slowly, remembering how ugly I looked in the mirror. If I was supposed to marry a handsome prince sometime in my life, how would I do it with this kind of face?

As I picked up a piece of turkey with my fork and put it in my mouth, I quickly spat it out. I had burned my roof of my mouth.

"I doubt anyone warned me it was still scorching hot," I said, already irritated. All I got in return was a couple of quick glances.

I blew on the next bite to cool it down. When I thought it was ready, I popped it in my mouth. I drenched the rest in gravy and dug in. I was rarely this hungry, but the evening already had carried in a bad mood.

After I was done, I went back to my room but froze in the doorway. There was a wolf in my bedroom.


The End

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