A Mistake I Regret

This is not real. I was just reminded of bullying and abuse today, and thought i'd start writing. Then i ended up with this.

Have you ever wondered why someone you know is so shy and scared? Why they have bruises and cuts on them? But they wouldnt tell you. More like they couldnt tell you. They are probably scared of it happening again, and they dont want to take the risk of pain and suffering.

I once knew a girl who had it done to her. Yes, she was abused. Everyday I would see her, hiding alone in the corner of the room. I didnt know what was wrong wih her at that time. If you ask her to join you, she'll just sigh and say no thank you. All i kept thinking, was, why cant this girl be social? Why wont she talk?

After a while, i stopped trying. She got even Shyer, and thats when i noticed. I noticed the purple-and-black markings lined on her arms. They looked of fingers and a palm hitting hard onto the pale surface of her skin.When i decided to confront her, she confessed. But what could i do? Only being young, i couldnt do much. If i called social services, the abuser might find out and hurt her again for telling me.

I just left it alone. I ignored it and her. Not talking to her since. Three years later, i got the news that she had died from Child Abuse. I had done nothing. Nothing at all. Now an innocent soul was gone, because of me. It is a Mistake I Regret.

The End

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