Joint Operation

Joint Operation

The energy that had left my body suddenly came back thanks to the shock and anger swelling through my mind. "What?! How, why... How could you let this happen?!" All this yelling was hurting my jaw. It must have been broken.

"Trevor, lower your voice. When my team heard this, they ran to their cars but by the time they got in, they lost sight of the sedan. They did a quick six block perimeter but saw nothing. I'm sorry. My best men back at the station are already on it."

"Tom, I know the man who took them and Alice: the head of Russian gun smugglers we threw in prison five years ago. They are obviously wanting revenge."

"You can't be serious! His sentance wasn't up yet."

"He must've escaped somehow. We dont need to worry about that now though." I pushed the sheets off me and hopped over the edge of the bed frame. I just realzed I was wearing one of those hospital robes. I looked to my clothes that were neatly placed on a table across the room.

Tom took the hint that i wanted to change and let me be. I quickly changed into my washed, lemon-scented clothes. I walked out the door and I saw Thomas talking to a doctor. He looked to me and said "What are you doing out of bed, Mr. Down? We still need to do treatment to your broken jaw." Hey, I was right.

"Isn't that amazing, Doctor," I looked at his name tag "Wess. But right now I care more for my family and his wife than me. And my jaw feels perfectly fine." I spat out. I was really fustrated at the moment. Plus, I winced when I talk. Looks like Wess didn't see. "So if you don't mind, we are leaving."

I stormed out befoe he could say anything else. I heard Tom apologize to the doctor and run after me. We got out of the hospital and I climbed into the driver's side, not caring that it's Tom's cruiser. He didn't seem to mind as he went into the passenger side.

"So Trev, you have a plan?"

"Well these Russians are after revenge on the both of us, so, I say we go on a joint op. Call up your men and let's go Russian hunting."

The End

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