More Gone Missing

More Gone Missing

Murmering. Murmering and a strange tone was all I could make out in my state. None of my other senses seemed to be working. My eyes were shut, I couldn't smell a thing, I didn't taste anything for my mouth was dry. I could barely feel my hands on my chest. But what my attention was on most was my throbbing jaw. I was too weak to move my hand to it and too weak to open my eyes.

I used my next two minutes trying to figure things out. I remembered all of the recent events that occured, Alice tied up, the gun smugglers. I realized I was in a moving vehicle lying down on something hard. Now i also heard static faintly. The murmering was gone but the tone was still there.

I forced my eyes open and saw a metal roof. I tilted my head forward and saw two doors with two square windows. Medical equipment were to both sides of me. My hearing became more clear. The tone turned into a siren and the static was from the radio somewhere around me. I came to a conclusion, I was in an ambulance.

"I see you are awake, Trevor." A man said from to my right. The voice was recognizable but my brain was still half asleep. My head turned to face the voice and I squinted at a man in a blue outfit. He had a pistol hollistered, a golden badge and three stripes on his left arm. Now I knew.

"Sergeant Farth... Is that you?" I slurred. I was so tired I forgot that his name was Thomas. My jaw hurt from just talking. I raised my now heavy arm to my jaw and softly touched it. I forced out more words "Where... What...?"

"Trevor, don't talk. Rest your jaw. You are in an ambulance on your way to the hospital. Your jaw took quite a blow. Sleep some more. You're in good hands now." As he said, I drifted off to sleep.

Next thing I knew, I was lying in a comfortable bed. my body felt like it had more energy in it. The pain from my jaw has been reduced, not by alot but by a bit. I was in the hospital for sure. They gave me pain killers for my jaw. I opened my eyes the tiniest bit, squinting from the brightness of the sun beating through the window.

I turned my head looking forward to see if my wife and kids were here. They weren't. The police would've called her cell or something. Even if they didn't, Miranda would have called my cell at least.

I heard the door slide open and in walked a nurse. She went by my side. "Good afternoon, Mr. Down. If you would like anything, dont hesitate to ask."

"My... my wife and... kids..." I began to say slowly. My mouth was still dry. "Are they here?"

"Sorry, no one has came to see you except Thomas Farth." She gave me a moment. "Anything else? Water maybe?" She said noticing my chapped lips and open mouth. I nodded and she walked out. As she left, Thomas came in.

Before he could say anything, I needed to know where my wife is. "Where is Miranda, Tom? Did she call, did you call?"

"About her... listen Trevor. When we called no one answered. We traced her cell to the park down on Hillcrest. But when my men arrived a black sedan was speeding away and witnesses said your family was... abducted."

The End

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