The phone was dangling over the edge of the end table. I put my ear t it and it was still connected to the police station. "Sergeant Farth, are you still there? It is Sergeant Down, Trevor."

"Trevor, what are you doing there? What is going on? Two police cruisers are on the way."

I heard police sirens wailing faintly in the background. "Alice and  are fine. Armed men took over the house, four of them. Their leader was going to use Alice as a hostage but he is knocked out. Details later though. I'll wait for your men to-"

A got pulled out from underneath and hit my nose hard on the ground. Even though I interupt people, I hate being interupted myself. I turned to my back quickly and saw the man unmasked, holding his Desert Eagle up, pointed at me. I recognized him immediatley. "Y-you're-"

"The man you threw in jail five years back, if I recall correctly."

Damn again he cuts me off. Five years back my team and Sergeant Farth's team discovered Russian gun smugglers. It turned into a gunfight fast. And this particular man, he killed a member of my squad, and my close friend, Joey. I almost killed him then. I put two bullets into his stomach but he lived.

I was furious, his sentance wasn't up. "You! I will kill you!" I swung my leg from underneath him and tripped him. He recovered his balance as I was getting up. He ran at me and hit me square in the jaw with the butt of his gun. I fell back and hit the back of my head against the wall. As if my nose didn't hurt enough.

I could only think about the excruciating pain throbbing in my head from several places. My eyes involuntarily shut themselves but I forced them barely open. As I squinted, the man was picking Alice off the chair and took her out of the room. A few moment later I heard the sedan start up and drive off.

She was out of my reach now. I let my eyes close and my body went limp.

The End

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