The Rescue

The Rescue

Reaching into a pocket inside of my jacket, I pull out a silencer for my handgun. I attached it and went to the iron barred gate in the middle of the brick wall. I was afraid of firing at any one of them for I would alert them all if I did.

At this time I was wondering 'Why don't I carry flash grenades with me when i go on a stroll around the neighbour hood?'

I decided I had to act quick to get all three of them before they alert the man upstairs. I aimed to the bushes and the man was leaned up in a corner. Perfect. I shot once, sure and clean, and it landed him right in the neck. He layed moveless in the corner leaning back.

I quickly retreated bak behind the wall as I heard the two men examine their surroundings to see what the sound was. The shot wasn't quiet enough to keep from the guards but was low enough for them not to recognize what it was. After a minute of waiting, I peered around the edge of the wall and looked to the dining room through the gate.

The man let his guard down and had his back turned to the table with another person. I turned my gaze to theliving room and no one was there. I couldn't risk shooting through the glass so I would need to breach the house. I lifted the lock on the gate, making sure it didnt scratch iron on iron. I opened the gate and sprinted for the door.

Walking in was unwise, barging in was more unwise. I saw an open side window at the living room. I crouched low as I walke under it. Now I used my mirror because I was in the shade of the house. I looked in the mirror and no one was seen in the reflection.

I jumped up and climbed in, barely making a sound. I could see the two burgalars at the table enjoying a smoke. They had only black cargo pants and bak muscle shirts on. And luckily, their guns weren't in hand. I snuck up behind them and shot them both in the back. I covered their mouths preventing them from making noise.

I slowly ascended up the stairs and the hall lead left and right. All dors were open save for one on the end ofthe right. I quickly, but stealthily, made my way to the door and pressed my ear to it. I heard sobbing and a man with a Russian accent talking to someone: "My dear Sergeant, I believe I have something of yours, your wife."

Did I mention a sergeant in the police department was Alice's husband? That is how i know her.

I didn't wait for anything else, i plowed through the door and i saw a figure with an all black outfit with a mask on. Alice was on a chair tied up. The man pointed his handgun at me. A Desert Eagle... most powerful handgun in the world... damn it.

My P226 was already raised. "Put the gun down! I am part of the SWAT team. The police are on the way, thanks to you. You have no way to escape."

He ran behind Alice and pointed the gun to her head. "You fire, she is dead. I say put your gun down."

Hostage situations were my specialty. Not only because I have pinpoint accuracy either. I aimed and fired. The russian pulled his finger back but wait. It was gone. I shot it clean off the trigger. He dropped the gun as he screamed in agony. I ran to him and roundhouse kicked him in the side of the face. He was out cold.

The End

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