Take Over

Take Over

"Trevor?" Miranda says as I rush towards her with my hand in my jacket again. "Why-"

"Someone is in Alice's house." I say cutting her off. "With guns."

"What?! What are you talking-"

"Listen to me," I interupt her yet again. I take leadership in dangerous situation and am very stubborn so I may do this a lot to everyone. "Take Logan and Brittney to the park like nothing is happening. The truck back firing was a distraction for the men to get into the house. They will know if we notice. I will go in there and make sure she is safe." I leaned in and kissed her passionatley.

She pulled away and nodded with a tear swelling in her eye. "You be safe, you hear? Come back alive and with Alice."

I hugged her and turned back. I ran across the street and to the brick surrounding wall of Alice's property. The wall was a few bricks thick and about twenty feet in length. I pulled out my P226 from its hollister and pulled out a palm-sized mirror. I looked at the sun and it was directly over the house. So i could not use the mirror to check out the house, the light rays would bounce right off.

So I just used my two lookers in my head. I peered over the edge in the corner of the wall. A medium sized house was behind the walls. The front door was in the middle with two rooms on each side: the living room on the right and the dining room on the left. And on the top floor three tinier windows, bedrooms.

I saw the AK-47 for sure this time in the living room window aiming out. I saw another in the dining room window. I looked at the bedroom windows but nothing was there. In front of the house, a beautiful garden was layed out. But what was troubling about this was i saw a man in a ghillie suit hidden behind bushes and flowers. He had an AK-74u with woodland camoflage and ghillie camo as well.

I heard yelling fro the bedroom on the far right. "Don't hurt me, please! Just put that gun down!"

"Alice... Well, this will be fun..."

The End

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