An Unexpected Meeting

  The man rolled his eyes. "It's just like you humans to try and destroy your foes using violence. But I suppose I will help you get your brother back. I try and stay out of your affairs, especially since most of you hate me, but you seem different than the rest of them kid. You're not afraid of me."  He shook his hand free from the running boy and walked alongside of him.

  The boy slowed down and began walking too. "My name is not kid! It's Sen!" The boy was silent for a while and they walked along in peace, the only noise was the wolf, Hera's panting and the sighing of the trees. Finally, the boy, Sen, spoke up. "So, we've known each other long enough..."

  The masked man looked up at the sun. "Twelve minutes..." He mumbled.

  Sen pretended not to hear. "I figure we can start asking each other personal questions! Like what am I supposed to call you? You must have a name, I can't keep calling you Forest Spirit!"

  "Hm... Nobody's called me by my name in many years. I suppose you can call me Dyn. That's what they called me when I was younger and less feared." He smiled.

  Sen nodded. "Okay, question two. Why do you wear that dumb mask? You talk about not wanting people to be scared of you, but when you walk around with that thing on your face, people are going to get a bit frightened!"

  Dyn sighed. "Magic is great and strange but always comes with a price. I used to be handsome and arrogant. When I began learning magic, I sacrificed my looks. It has made me a better man and was a small price to pay."


The End

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