An Unexpected Meeting

  "Oh, and what do the legends say? That I am a horrible, ugly beast who kidnaps people and eats them for breakfast?" When the boy nodded meekly, he laughed. "That's what they've been saying for years... Don't think I've been ignoring you little scamps and your ridiculous rumors! It's not my problem every time you humans come into this forest you disappear, but I suppose when you start dabbling in magic, suddenly everything that goes on in this forsaken forest is all your fault!" The man looked up from his tea. "I'm sorry I'm ranting! I haven't had anyone to talk to in so long and the trees are such terrible listeners.... So what did you come see me for again?"

  The boy took a sip from his tea and cringed. It tasted like dirt. He set it down beside him and his wolf happily lapped it up. "Well, I came in here searching for the evil, ferocious forest spirit to help me find my brother's kidnappers and eat them for breakfast but... I'm starting to think that maybe you aren't what I'm looking for. Thank you for the tea but-"

  "Now wait!" The masked man grabbed the boy's wrist."Just because I'm not some dumb spirit doesn't mean I'm useless! Why, you don't want a spirit anyway! They're condescending

The End

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