Chapter 5-Strings

With his hands in mine and my eyes shut tightly, I focused my mind on one thing only. Concentrating my form so that others could see me. Looking inside myself, I knew just where to find this power. Everything came from within my heart, where all of my memories lie. Memories of my friends, my old home, Derek, my old boyfriend, and my parents. My parents- who wouldn't have wished this fate on us in more than a million years. Never, because they loved us and cared about us, even in death. And now sitting here with my brother and pure nature with me I could feel that.

I felt the burning sensation in my chest. My mouth parted only to whisper to Alex,
"Can you feel it?" With sincere intrest in his voice he replied "yes" and I opened my eyes, still holding his hands. His eyes were open too, and there was color in his cheeks. A small sparkle in his eyes. I knew we were alive again. I felt the grass beneath my black converse, the wind playing with my hair. Alex's soft hands squeezing mine in sweet triumph.

A single tear rolled down my cheek.
"Are you timing it?" I glanced down at Alex's watch on his left wrist. He nodded and followed my eyes.
"I set it before we started. It's been five minutes." I smiled. Record time.
"Oh, Alex! I knew things would go well today, I just knew it! Let's keep going!" His eyes grew wide.

"Keep going? But we've never-"
"I know, I know. But I really think we can do it this time!" I wanted to try and connect with the other side. The afterlife. The two of us didn't deserve this life. I wanted to be with my parents. I didn't have anything left in this godforsaken place. And if we could connect, which we had never done before, then we could pass. It was all very simple and painless. We would be in control the entire time.
"Come on Alex. Please try? For me?" He sighed and I saw him give up the fight in his eyes.
"Fine. Okay. Go." I closed my eyes again and thought of everything I would gain by passing. I would see my mother and father. My grandparents, even. Our old family dog that had gotten run over by a car. No pain and suffering. Free from all human bonds. I felt the energy being passed between Alex and I, and soon we were all that was left of the forest. There was no more ground beneath my feet, no wind, no trees. No life. there was, though, a great golden gate approaching us. The lock shifted open, and the brass rungs flew open. I could almost make out two figures of a woman and a man, their arms held open for me...

"Jade, I'm losing it." My eyes popped open. Alex mirrored me, guilt obvious in his expression. The spark was draining from his eyes.

"Why?!" I exclaimed, infuriated and frustrated. Just when we were about to do something great he had to go sour on me!
"I can't- It's-" And then I realized it. Alex was sinking, falling farther away from me. But I held onto his hands.

"Alex, you can't have any bonds! We can't go if you haven't finished what you need to on Earth!" I yelled, one hand slipping off. He was dangling now and I couldn't move my other arm. My subconcious knew I wanted to leave, and badly. But there was something holding Alex back. My mind was telling me to forget him, to go with my parents. But my heart couldn't let go.

"It's Sarah, I'm sorry. I can't leave her. You have to understand!" he pleaded with me. I was horrified. He was blowing this for the both of us.
"Alex, if you don't go I cannot go! Why can't you get that through your head?"
"I can't leave her Jade. It's just like you and Derek. You miss him too, you know you do. You are only lying to yourself!" he shouted at me and the sound shook his body, causing a finger to slip. His words cut through me like a piece of glass. Derek, of course I hadn't forgotten Derek. I couldn't forget him. I was just to good at lying to myself and hiding my feelings. But when Alex said his name his face took up my entire mind. I couldn't get him out of my head.

The tears started pouring down my face, the saltiness leaking into my mouth. I tried one last time, thoug I knew it wouldn't do any good.
"Please, Alex. Please," I choked on tears. His eyes bore into mine and I knew I couldn't continue. Taking one last yearning look at my family waiting for me, I fell back down, holding my brother's hand.

The End

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