Chapter2- Daydream

So there I was, sitting in a broken desk in the back of the language arts classroom, staring out the window at the darkening sky. The clouds loomed over one another, blacking out the sun and casting a shadow over the fields in the distance. Oh, how I wanted to run outside and await the rain, which I knew I would never feel anyway. I scowled at the thought, and my head fell to my desk.

That was another downfall of this life- I couldn't feel. I couldn't taste. I could still hear smell and see, but I couldn't interact with anything physical while I was invisible. And it took a lot of strength to solidify my form on purpose. Plus, if anyone saw me, they wouldn't recognize me. Sure, they might choose to just leave me alone, but they could start to get friendly and ask me questions. Questions I couldn't answer that might danger my brother's and my existance.

So instead I sat there just staring blankly at the chalkboard, hoping that if I looked long enough that some of what Ms. Barns was writing might sink into my brain. But it's not like I actually needed to know what she was teaching- it was just a formality. Something to do to pass the time. I sighed. The endless time.

"Jade, pay attention!" My brother nudged me with a frown. Lately he had been getting into the whole school scene, while I had been dozing off. Why were the tables being turned? Because of Sarah.

Sarah was a girl in ninth grade, our grade, whom Alex had taken an unhealthy intrest in. I opposed this obsession because I was sure that one day he would show himself to her, and our cover would be blown. Then we would have to relocate and leave Sarah, which would just break Alex's heart into a million pieces. And of course that was something I never wanted to do, so I made it clear that I did not approve of this relationship.

So I shrugged him off, looking out the window again to watch more clouds move into the sky.

The End

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