Chapter 1- Acceptance

Like mentioned before, it had been two years. Alex and I had learned to accept the fact that we were dead. But we were ghosts, so we technically still lived on. We both attended our funerals which were months after the rescue force found our car in the middle of the forest. It was sad yet freaky to be looking down on my lifeless body. Of course, no one could see us, or they would have obviously expected something.

I took it all harder than Alex. He was a mild form of excited about this new "adventure", as he so sweetly put it. I, being the sensible one, was devastated. But we were both confused. We had no idea how this had happened. The worst part of it was when we went to our parents funeral.

That was almost too much to bear. Alex and I had retreatred to an abandoned house ion the outskirts our old town and were hidden there for weeks, trying to figure everything out. And we did find out some things. It was when Alex went out one day to "borrow" the neighbor's newspaper, the only way we could keep in touch with the real world.

The paperboy saw Alex mas he was dropping the paper, and said "hello". No one had said hello to him in months, and he was horrified. We had automatically assumed that no one could see us in our state, and had lived with that fact. So Alex got afraid and, well, he sort of went out of control. He couldn't control himself. He couldn't stay hidden, so his form went from visible to invisible over and over again. Let's just say no one on that street ever knew what the latest news was.

So now we lived in A small rural town in New Jersey where no one would ever expect two ghosts to be living. We had lived a nice, plain life. We even went to school some days, days when we felt completely in control of ourselves. We were extremely careful to not repeat the "paperboy incident". We were living an everlasting life, day by day.

The End

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