We don't know why we were sentenced this fate, my brother and I. Did we do somthing wrong in our lives? Or is it just bad luck, we have no idea. Though, I would really like to know. And whoever did this to us, I'd like to give a good sock in the gut. Because this is worse then any sort of torture even the best storytellers could imagine. The most brutal villians and toughest criminals would not wish this life upon their most hated enemies. And here are two childern, barely teenagers, dealing with this gruesome torture. You see, we live. Forever.

It was a snowy, windy, dark night in December two years ago, back when everything was normal. My life, our lives, were almost too normal. In my personal world, everything was perfect. I went to the best school, had the best friends and family, and the most devoted boyfriend in the history of the entire world. But under some twisted bit of fate, everything was pulled out from underneath me. Sort of like that impossible magic trick the magicians do, where they pull out a tablecloth from underneath a full plate setting without disturbing a single dish. But this wasn't like that at all, oh no.

In my life, every dish, in my case priceless china, came crashing down to the ground, shattering into a billion pieces. The broken pieces of my life.

Everything was fine, and we were as happy as we could be even though we were lost in the Canadian wilderness, hundreds of miles from our home in Oregon. The snow was piling up on the windshield but my father was an experienced driver and I fully trusted him. My brother and I had just fought over who would play the Mario Kart Racing Ds game next, and unfortunately Alex had won. Again. But it turns out that we both forgot about the game, because the last thing I remember the four of us, my Dad, Mom, brother and I were singing Jingle Bell. We were on the last verse, the line about falling into a drifted bank.

Wouldn't you know, the heavens decided to let us choose our way to die.

The last sound of my parents' voice I ever heard were their screams as our car fell into the wooded ditch.

The last sight I saw of their bodies, before the funeral, that is, is when they lay half in the car and half out of the car, their crimson blood dripping onto the snow.

I thought I was the only one to survive, though it slowly filtered to me that I would soon freeze to death. My brother lay crumpled on the seat next to me, his head bleeding severely and his pulled in back of him in an unnatural position.

"Alex," I moaned, reaching out to touch his bloody face. He didn't stir. "Alex, please wake up, please!" His eyes were shut tight, his mouth slanted down in a frown. The Nintendo Ds had fallen from his hand to the floor of the car, but I couldn't reach it.

"Jade!" I jumped, glancing up to look at my poor brother's face. But it was as still and lifeless as it had been for the past couple of minutes. But then I felt his hand on my shoulder, and turned around to face the glowing body of my twin, hovering outside of the car.

"Alex?" I breathed, unable to belive my eyes. He held his hand out to me, gesturing for me to take it.

"You're okay, right? So come on out of the car," he urged with pleading eyes. I took his hand and hopped out of the crushed car with surprising ease, quickly spinning around as soon as I was on land to look into the car once more. There lay the bodies of my dead parents, twin brother and...


The End

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