Chapter 4.0

This time when I stepped into Amy’s room, three new people were waiting to be introduced to me, including the boy from before aka Damien. The two other friends were also male and for some reason I could not make of, it was discomforting.

“Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you to Lillian.”

“Pleasure,” one of the boys said, getting up from his seat on the floor and shaking my hand. “The name’s Leonardo but you can call me Leo…” His blonde hair was swept to the side bringing out his dark green eyes. His complexion was rosy and he looked kind of related to an angel from heaven. As cliché as that might sound, it was true. He had a look of pure innocence. Unlike someone else.

The kid from before pushed past Leo and took hold of my hand, bringing it up to his face and giving it a soft kiss. I pulled it back, immediately alarmed. “And I’m Damien.” I gave him a dirty look like, “Back off or I’ll squash you.” But he ignored it. “But you can call me anything that strikes your fancy.” Funny how a load of cuss words formed in my head and I couldn’t help but smile, he however didn’t get the real reason behind it. Winking, he settled back onto the bed.

“Is he gay?” I whispered to Amy who was controlling her laughter by my side.

“No, why would you ask that?” She said, giggling.

“Just kind of hoping he is,” I muttered back, rubbing the hand he kissed against my jeans. She laughed. “Nah, he just likes to play around a lot. I’ll leave it at that.”

Taking hold of my hand, she pulled me down on the ground so that I was sitting between Leo and herself. The last friend of hers whom she hadn’t introduced me to was actually…er…passed out on the bed. Or was he just sleeping like normal humans do?

“That’s Nick. He has a high fever that’s all,” Amy said. I glanced at her, giving her a look of irony. “You invite a friend who’s sick? And he actually shows up? Wow.”

“He doesn’t have a chance,” Leo muttered. “He’s her boyfriend.”

I laughed really hard at that one. Amy and a boy? I just cannot imagine that but it was a nice joke nonetheless. In the end of my little parade, Leo was staring at me and so was Damien, who looked quite amused, but Amy refused to look in my direction.

“Nice joke Leo.”

It was now their turn to laugh.

“Leo’s serious. Big boy Nick is her boyfriend. They started going out since Valentine’s Day!” Damien said.

It was almost as if the whole world came crashing down on me. They were not joking! But how come?

“Nick, wake up!!!” Damien patted him heavily on the back and with a groan he turned around, allowing us to see his face.

I can’t say he didn’tlookperfect for Amy. He had brown hair but his eyes were a beautiful and light shade of amber which caught my attention. He had a few freckles dotted across his cheek and an all-together cut boy face. When he saw me, he went even redder then already was and jumped off the bed.

“You must be Lillian! Amy’s told me so much about you! I’m Nick,” he said shaking my hand. I was approving of this kid already but still…this wasn’t right.

“And you’re Amy’s boyfriend?” I asked, eyebrow raised.

“Yes ma’am,” he said blushing again.

“Dude you’re hot,” I muttered, letting go of his hand.

“Gee thanks!” He said, running his hands into his hair.

Damien rolled his eyes at me, knowing what I really meant. “She meant your temperature.” If there was a possibility for Nick to get even more embarrassed then he already was; that was just it. Turning to Amy with my hands on my hips, I stared at her in disbelief.

“How come you never told me?” I confronted her.

“I was hoping to save the drama for the end of the world,” she muttered sarcastically but still not meeting my eye and getting up to sit next to Damien and the now-awake Nick, on the bed.

“But Amy! You’re only 14! Don’t you think you’re a little young?” I argued.

“Well this is the 21stcentury. It’s normal.”

With a sigh, I knew it was pointless arguing with Amy, especially after seeing the way she looked at Nick. But even if it wasn’t ‘right’, it was still nice to see her growing up. She wasn’t a five-year old anymore. I guess I could just drop this topic, for now.

“So I’m guessing you guys are her classmates’ right?”

“Pfft, no,” Damien said. “We’re all in 11thgrade.”

What?! That means Amy’s dating a 16 year old boy! That’s not right!

“Oh…um, okay. So how’d you all meet Amy?”

“At the Valentine’s Day party. They invited our school too so we decided to go being the desperate losers we are,” Leo said in a matter-of-fact tone. I was even more shocked at hearing this.

“You guys don’t even go to the same school?”

“Nope, they go to Eastern, your school,” Amy muttered, looking bored.

“So how old are you Lillian?” Leo asked me randomly.

“That’s weird, I’ve never seen you guys before. Oh, and 18,” I muttered back to Leo absent-mindedly.

“Well I’ve seen you,” Damien said with a grin. “You used to hang out with my sister anyways, Jessie.”

“Jessie’s your sister? You guys don’t even look alike!”

He shrugged at me and leaned back against the bed. Today sure has been a strange day so far, I learn that Amy has a boyfriend. I meet the brother-I-never-knew-existed to one of my friends. Talk about weird.

The End

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