Chapter 3.3

Spring had now come around, knocking on our doorstep. It was beautiful outside in the month of late March. Winter had long by disappeared, replaced with blossoming flowers and green shrubbery.

It had been two weeks wince my last encounter with Amy and even though I was trying to act as if nothing had happened, my guilty conscience had led me to her doorstep today. It was a weekend and mom had encouraged me to go visit Amy as she’d already taken note of the fact that we were no longer communicating with each other. So here I am, ringing the doorbell of the Anderson’s and hoping that I won’t get her bedroom door slammed in my face later.

“Why – it’s Lillian! What a pleasant surprise! Come in!” Diana rushed me in, completely happy to see me and showed this by giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. “Is mother not here?”

“No its just me. I wanted to drop by and say hello and if possible, having a quick chat with Amy.”

“Of course you may. She’s upstairs in her room. She’s actually having a couple of friends over at the moment but I’m sure that won’t be a problem. I’m actually preparing lunch at the moment and I’d love it if you could stay.”

“Sure, I’d love to!” I replied enthusiastically.

Diana smiled widely, gave me another hug and then sent me up to Amy’s room. My, I hadn’t seen her this happy since…then. But oh well, I guess the change of season was having its toll on everyone; it was even having one on me.

A little nervous, I knocked on the door to Amy’s room – hearing giggles and more laughter coming from inside. Rolling my eyes to myself, I thought, “Must be a group of 13-year old girly-girls laughing about God knows what.” The door to the room came open with a jerk and in only a second, it closed again. The difference? Standing in front of me and blocking the way to Amy’s bedroom was a teenage boy. He was taller then me, maybe about five foot and a half. He had a tan golden brown complexion with sparkly blue eyes and straight black hair in the normal boyish cut you’d find on guys. Not to mention, he had the typical body of the football team quarterback. Who is this guy and what’s he doing on Planet Amy?

“May I help you?” He asked coolly, folding his arms in front of his chest and leaning back against the door. I almost had the urge to say something rude like, “Yeah, you could help by moving your ass out of the way,” but that wouldn’t quite help the present situation, especially if this punk is one of Amy’s friends.

I gave him a fake smile and said in a sweet voice, “Would you please move a little so I could enter my friend’s room?” I stepped forward to show him what I meant incase he was mentally dysfunctional or something. I mean quarterbacks do get effected by brain damage after all. But he wouldn’t budge. He smirked at me and whispered, “Make me.” Before I could take the opportunity and kick his ass, the door opened again and Amy’s familiar face popped up but she didn’t see me yet.

“Damien, will you get inside already? But when her eyes found mine, shock spread across her face and she blurted, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Personally, that must have been code for: - get out right now or lord almighty, the girl who ditched me in front of my house shows up two weeks later and wants to come in my room! But whichever it meant, I decided to take things normally.

“I came here to see you, Amy.”

After a quick moment of realization, she pushed Damien into the room, closed it and stared at me waiting; for what I think was an apology. But before I could open my mouth and come up with one, Amy started speaking.

“How could you Lillian? How could you just tell me to get out of your car when all I did was try to help you? You have all these protective walls around you that hide your feelings from the world and as a sister-like companion t you, I wanted to hear you out, to help you be yourself again. What’s so cruel about that – huh?” Amy’s face was flushing red and her hands curled into fists as she glared at me. I had a feeling that there was a lot more coming but before it did, I had to say my side.

“I’m sorry Amy…I didn’t meant o hurt you but it was the best thing to do at that moment. You wouldn’t have wanted to  have such a conversation with me.”

“How would you know that? You are not me. I make my own decisions so you can’t decide by yourself whether or not I’d want to talk to you about my brother. I know how it feels Lilly and I can help you get a move on.” She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose with her eyes shut in frustration while I stared at her in shock. So she knew all along what was wrong with me. Of course she did you dummy! It was so obvious!

“Look Lillian…I want to have that conversation with you whether you like it or not, but not right now. My friends are in there and I want to be having a good laugh.”

“So…you want me to leave?” It sure sounded like she did.

“No! No! Are you crazy?” Then with another sigh, “Right now, I just want to hang out. Simple. And I want you to meet them. So shall we?”

Her hand was already resting on the doorknob and her eyes full of hope, as if saying, “Please don’t say no and be human for once!”

I nodded reluctantly and she grinned at me, opening the door. Well at least what I’d come for was done, right?

The End

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