Chapter 2.2

I felt myself loosen up to Amy as we continued talking. It’s hard being quiet around Amy when she’s all bright and chipper. She’s always been like a sister to me and she always will. She asked me a lot of questions like how classes were going, and how Erica and Jessie and everyone else were doing. It had been a long time since we’d caught up after the funeral…and well, I’m kind of happy that we are.

“Amy! Call for you!”

“Alright mom! Thanks!” Amy yelled through her bedroom door then turning to me, said, “Pardon me, my lady but I’ve got a VIP call to attend.” I gave her a salute to which she grinned and watched her as she jogged out her bedroom.

I waited for a few minutes, sitting on her bed and looking at the walls on which she’d painted. I got up and went to her bookshelf and my fingers traced the top of each book as I read through the titles labeled on the spines. Amy’s taste for literature was all horror, mystery, and adventure; no romance book in sight. I chuckled to myself at this little discovery I’d made. I turned around to go back to her bed when my eyes caught something.

On top of her bed, nailed to be held against the wall, was a square-shaped photo frame. As I stepped closer to it, I recognized the picture.

Matt, Amy and I were all standing in the front yard. Amy was sitting on the swing and smiling genuinely at the camera, her hair shining from the sunlight. Matt and I were standing behind her. We both were having our hands wrapped around each other’s waists as we leaned against each other. My head lay against his shoulder as we both smiled brightly at the camera.

I could feel my hands starting to shake as the memory of that day flooded back in. Turning away from the picture, I sat back down on the bed and tried thinking of something different so when Amy walked in, she wouldn’t see me like this. Breathing in and out, I calmed myself down and waited for the moments to pass until finally, I’d be back to normal.

“Hey, sorry for making you wait,” Amy said, walking in. She froze and then scrutinized my face for some time. “…are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I said brightly, trying to pass off as excellent.

“You look…really pale…and your eyes are red.”

“I’m fine. Just a bit tired from a long day of school.”

My act wasn’t working as Amy slowly approached me with narrowed eyes, and stared at me some more.

“I’m fine Amy. Don’t look at me like that.”

“Right…well anyway, my friends were just calling to ask if I wanted to meet up with them at the mall. And I said no, since you’re here. I want to chill with you.”

“You didn’t have to. You could’ve gone if you wanted to!”

“Exactly, I don’t want to. My friends would’ve brought a huge group to hang out with and I don’t like going shopping with a herd,” Amy reasoned.

“Typical Amy,” I muttered.

Anyway, let’s talk business.”


The so-called business that Amy and I had talked about was making a schedule to when we could meet up the following weeks. She wrote everything down into her organizer and then photocopied the pages to give them to me. Amy must really want to spend some quality time with me.

I went under the blankets of my bed and closed my eyes. I felt exhausted and just had to get some quality sleep to get better.

The End

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