Chapter 1.2

That day had ended out being more fun then torturous. Matt had swung me around, waiting for me to crawl out of my shell. And when I finally did, he’d let me down as we both danced around like two maniacs in the rain. The rain hadn’t stopped pouring through the night and I wasn’t quite sure how long we’d both been dancing outside which turned out being more of a negative thing then positive as we’d both woken up the next day, sick.

I smiled dryly out the window. I wouldn’t ever act crazy like that again. Matt, you had left me as you danced away to heaven by yourself. Who was I going to dance away with now?

“Lillian?” I heard my mom’s voice ascend up the stairs as she searched for me. She poked her head in the door and smiled faintly at me. As I stared at her, I realized something I hadn’t noticed before when I’d been caught up in my own webby world. My youthful, girly, charismatic mom had changed into someone else who I didn’t recognize anymore. Her brown curly hair which she usually used to wear loose and crazy was now straightened and put into a neat ponytail. Her hair was starting to grey but even that wasn’t the major highlight of her change. Her bright sparkly blue eyes were now a dull, monotone color. She was a totally different person now; in and out.

“Lillian honey, we’re going over to the Andersons’. You should get dressed soon, alright?”

“We’re going now… in a middle of the storm?” It sounded more like a statement then a question and mom nodded at me.

“Yes, honey. We’re going to have dinner there. So get ready.”

I turned back to look through the window, my arms leaning against the window sill. Matt, if you hadn’t left, I wouldn’t have dreaded going back to your house every time now. I don’t like being there Matt, in a house of mourning and trying to play off as if everything is okay. Trying to act happy in front of your family hurts. I hate it because I’m not happy at all. Why the hell don’t you just came back, Matthew Anderson, and make this all easier for us?


“Clarence, good to have you here,” Mr. Anderson welcomed my mother in with a smile and he nodded in my direction. I muffled up the best of a smile I could and gave it to him. Guess it passed.

The moment I stepped into the warm and cozy home of the Anderson’s, I got knocked over by the powerful hug of Amy.

“Lilly! I’ve missed you so much!”

The only thing that hadn’t changed was Amy’s enthusiasm. It kept everyone alive. Amy, the twelve year old sister of Matt, has always been a bright girl. She looked like one too. Amy has a heart-shaped rosy face with round chocolate brown eyes. Her layered honey-blond hair illuminates her whole face and makes her look like quite the angel. She’s around the same height as me, five feet, if not an inch or two shorter. Amy’s quite tall for her age, while I’m quite short for mine making us alike in one way or the other. I’d expected Amy to dim a bit and she had…for a month she’d been shattered. But she was up again from the ashes, like a phoenix.

She looked at me, and smiled. I smiled back at her and mustered up the voice inside me to say, “I missed you too.”

Diana, Matt’s mother and my mom’s best friend, walked out the kitchen, cleaning her hand with a towel and smiled at us.

“Clarence, Lillian, thanks for joining us.”

“Diana, what have I told you so many times? No thanks between best friends,” my mom said, hugging Diana. Matt’s mother is actually a very pretty woman. My mom and her look like twins in so many angles. They are both the same height, have the same curly hair and the same physique. The only difference is that Diana has olive colored eyes. Nowadays, she was looking different the same way my mom was. Her scar was going to take a long time to fade off.

“Come on, let’s go,” Amy said, giving my hand a squeeze and leading me to her room. When I walked in, I was once astounded by the sight. Amy is a child prodigy when it comes to painting. Her room which had usually been painted a deep violet now had spirals of white painted all over.

“Amy, wow. This is…really beautiful.”

“It’s nothing, anyone could do it,” she said, shrugging the topic off and pulling me onto the bed with her.

“So how are you?” She asked me, her brown eyes looking into my blue ones. I really didn’t know Amy…I don’t know how to feel anymore. Why don’t you tell me?

“I’m doing fine,” I said with the best smile I could possibly ever give in a situation like this.

“Well, I heard that you hadn’t been coming out much. I mean, school and home, that’s it.”

“What about it?”

“Lilly,” I winced at the sound of the nickname Matt had first called me with. “You know that you can come and hang out with me anytime, right? You can always find me here and we could spend some time together.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good, because after dinner, you and I are going to go catch a movie and have some fun.”

“Wait, what?” I asked, startled by her sudden decision.

“You heard me. Girl’s night out. Let’s catch up on our feminine side.”

Amy being Amy, I just couldn’t say no to her, so I nodded. Next thing I know, I was being hugged to death again.

“Come on! Let’s go have dinner!”

The End

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