A Midnight Reverie {Original}

This is the original draft I had for "A Midnight Reverie", my upcoming NaNovel coming up for '11. I'm going to do a rewrite of this story (which I wrote when I was about 12 years old and never took off with it) and I'm posting this up for those who're wanting a glimpse of what's coming up in November.


Friday, October 13th

I thought that superstitions were just scary stories to threaten little children with. You proved me wrong, Matthew. I can’t forget that day when everything changed. Mother Nature was supposed to have yearned for you, for your soul to enter back the premises of this Earth. Why then, was the sun shining brightly and people laughing and having a good time? Did they not realize how much of a loss it was when you’d left?

Your mother had clung to me, Matthew. She had been crying into my shoulders and asking me why things had to be this way. I tore myself away from her and ran. Ran away from what I had to face and back to my alternative daydreams of how things could be…how things had to be.

You couldn’t have left me. I know you’re here somewhere, hiding behind a wall or curb of an alley way, waiting to jump out from the corner and relieve me from this mirage I’ve been seeing. I ran around everywhere waiting for you to surprise me…but you didn’t. Why? Because you were gone…and you wouldn’t come back for me…not now, not ever.

The End

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