A Midnight Hour

This is the story of a Fairy tale princess who got the prince then got the happily ever after. Only she is isn't the same princess and like most fairy tales her prince is often absent.

Those who remember the happily ever after, as it was, would certainly recall the silver purple mountains held high above the rolling hills and flat warm meadows brushed on canvas with perfectly happy paint. For it was beneath these wonders of nature that a single castle stood on the joining of the two rivers in a thorny wicket of brush; it was in this castle that again boarded up alone, wishing for her prince, the heroine sat in thought.

Into the mirror her deep blue eyes gazed, through the image of a perfect princess into a world where her prince had no duty but as lover, into a time when she too had been his. Her soft fingers brushing gently along her once youthful cheek, tracing the thin arch of her fallen brow, her tongue moistening, teeth raking to revive her sallow lips. The princess was a once and only beauty, now all that remained were the long golden tresses she kept locked in coils and pinned away from sight. She fingered the two thick braids that overlapped from ear to ear, their weight substantial and regal wound tightly as if its purpose were to keep in the secrets. She pulled at hairpin after hairpin until all the golden secrets came tumbling down around her slender pale neck, resting in the cannons of her collar and between her full breast.

“May I help the Missus?” the voice shocking in both pitch and depth filled the room.

The princess, with royal effort, lifted her locks and poured them gently down the silk of her robe. “Why of course Bruder.” She held out the silver brush inviting the dwarf through the threshold and into her chamber.

Wilhelm and his twin brother Jacob, equally achondroplastic in stature, had lived in the castle since childhood. Their mother was the queens first matron and their father was head gardener. They were born to the life and were assumed by all means to be servants. Wilhelm took on the task of building and maintaining the luxurious gardens while Jacob became a master of falconry. His duties as royal botanist would never have allowed Wilhelm, or his brother, to wonder freely through out the castle but as the prince was rarely in residence and the princess had become quiet lonely -remembering she too had once been kept to slave away alone- she begun to think of him as a friend and called upon the both as Bruder. 

The thick dwarfs short legs and wide hips gave his gait a lifted waddle as he ran across the floor hoisting one bowed leg before the other to clim upon the wooden stool that sat in waiting at the foot of the princesses vanity.

As the dwarf gently brushed and stroked the princesses thick golden hair, his breath painting the nape of her neck in tiny bursts of warmth, his fingers lingering on her bare shoulder, she allowed herself to imagine her husband would never return.


Winds rolled in quickly, violently devouring the snowcaps from the firm mountain peaks; caressing the feathery blades of grass that grew along the many rolling hills and and shaking thunder into the plains that surrounded the long boarded up castle. Light peaking through dark clouds gave a spirit of hope as they lifted and whipped forth the rivers into a frenzy of elation. The storms that had moved in so quickly moved from side to side in motion, wind, rain, wind, rain, cries of thunder, all the while the lights that shone bright in strobes of hope -through cracks in shutters- illuminated the room and reminded the princess of her life. But when the skies were black from within the castle the princess could hear whimpering cries of joy.

The storms shook the castle that night, the night the dwarf brushed out the princesses tressed up secrets. Hours on end the winds blew hurricanes at the boarded up doors and tightly locked shutters, until they gave, and in a single burst of release the thunderous crack through open each shutter, chains fell from each door and bright morning light for the first time in years flooded the princesses golden blonde hair. 

The clouds had parted and the dwarf beneath her satin red sheets too fell to sleep.

The End

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