Does This Count as Cheating?

"Sage!" My mother called out. I stuck out my tongue to the wall. Luna just rolled her robotic eyes at me. "Aren't you supposed to go study with that girl?" 

"Yes mother!" I scoffed. Luna scooted herself over to the base of my feet and rested her head down on my knees. 

"Are you really going to go?" She wined, her eyes glistening. I leaned over and kissed her forehead and rubbed hair out of her eyes. I nodded slowly and she looked down in disappointment. I lifted her chin up and kissed her lips softly. 

"Don't worry, I'm just studying," I explained to her. 

"That's what they all say," She coughed. 

"You've been watching too many of those teenage soap opera's again," I mumbled to her. "They always over  exaggerate everything in those shows."

"But they're so interesting," She sighed. 

I started rubbing her head, "I know. I know." 

"I love you," She muttered sweetly, showing off how beautiful I made her eyes. 

"I love you too," I repeated. She smiled and I smiled back at her. I gave her a quick hug and then ran over to my dresser to grab out a nice button up shirt and a comfortable jacket. I honestly didn't mind if she watched me dress. Why would she care? It wasn't like she would go talk about it to anyone. I turned to her and asked her how she liked my getup. She just gave me a sour look. 

"A button up shirt?" She asked. "Make it easy for her why don't you?" She pointed my attention to a recording of one of those crazy shows she enjoys where the girl pins down the guy to a bed and rips his shirt unbuttoned. Next thing you know the guys shirtless and then they try to make a scene thats obviously not appropriate seem okay by only showing their faces. 

"You worry too much," I grumbled as I grabbed my bag. "Goodbye." I walked out of my room and closed the door. 

Once I reached Alix's house I felt butterflies fill my stomach. I adjusted my shirt a bit not sure it was fitting quite right. I finally just walked up the steps and punched her doorbell. I stood there and whistled until she finally opened the door. I smiled at her as I couldn't help but notice what she was wearing. She had a low cut shirt on with a not much higher tank top underneath. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and fancy polka doted socks. Her hair was perfectly straightened by her face and she made sure she fixed up her makeup. 

After about ten minutes of me standing there acting like an idiot by not saying a word and just staring at her, I finally said hello. She laughed at me a bit and then let me inside. She led me to the living room where I sat down on the floor in front of the coffee table. She left to get drinks and I set my stuff down on the coffee table and set out my books. 

She came back with two glasses of lemonade and set them down and opened up one of her books and looked down at it. She sighed slowly and I raised an eyebrow at her slowly. 

"I hate studying," She groaned.

"But that's why I'm here," I reminded her. "So I don't have to take that class over again."

"I know," She giggled. "I'm sorry. Let's start with chapter seven." 

We worked for a while studying. When she explained things I actually understood it. Maybe it was because I could actually stand listening to her speak. You would think I would be more caught up in the fact that I was in a house alone with a pretty girl, but I could actually handle myself rather well. 

After about two hours I had passed every oral test she gave me and I actually figured that I could ace the test without a doubt. I was proud of myself, and I think she was proud of me too since I never really seemed like the kind of student to ever be able to handle anything quite like that. Then finally we were done and I still wasn't expected home for another hour. 

"Want to watch a movie?" She offered.

"Sure," I muttered. Although any movie would last a little longer than fifty five minutes I still figured it would be something to pass the time. She popped in a random movie and started popping popcorn out in the kitchen. She brought it back in and sat down next to me, closer than I thought she would on a three person couch. 

It ended up being a really dumb movie that she put in, and we didn't even really get through the previews before she seemed a little restless and kept acting like she was going to speak to me and then didn't. 

"Sage," She muttered nervously. "I really like you..." 

"Oh," I squeaked, it being the only thing I was really able to say. What else could I say? 'Sorry but I have a robot girlfriend.' Hell no! 

"I'm sorry," She sort of sobbed. "I just made everything really awkward."

"No, It's fine," I assured her weakly. 

"Really?" She asked, smiling up at me. 

"Yea." And before I knew it I found myself with my arm wrapped around her shoulder. She scooted practically on top of me and grabbed a hold of my hand and played with my fingers. 

"Can I be your girlfriend?" She asked, looking down at our hands, pressing her face against my chest.

Saying no to her would make her upset, especially since my  body-which has its own mind-had been leading her on so far. So my mouth said yes, by my head kept telling me how foolish I was being. 

Before I knew it I was home again. The end of the night all seemed like a  blur, like she had put drugs in my drink or something. I sort of worried that I might forget all of that hard core studying I did. Luna looked at me sweetly and crawled onto the end of my bed. 

"So how did studying go?" She asked.

"Great," I said quickly. "I learned a lot. I'm going to pass that test. Goodnight!"


The End

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