Crack Those Books

"Sage wake up!" 

"Huh! What?" I mumbled, flipping my head back and forth hopelessly. I rubbed my eyes slowly and looked up at my teacher who was starring down angrily at me with her hands placed roughly on her hips. 

"Did you sleep well?" She asked roughly. 

"No," I lied. Actually i slept wonderfully through her class, but i would never really tell her that. She would literally eat me if I did. I mean that in the context as of she was quite large. She could probably sit on you and you'd be out cold in an instant. 

"Next time its detention," She assured me. I nodded slowly even though I didn't really care. She grabbed a hold of the test i was supposed to be completing and pulled it out from under my arms. She looked at it and distastefully ripped it into shreds. 

"What was that for?" I yelled at her angrily. 

"You only answered one question and the rest was just covered in drool. And from the looks of it you didn't even get that one question even remotely correct. So it's an obvious F."

"Not cool," I groaned. 

"It's totally cool," She grumbled, trying to act like she was in with the way kids now a days acted. Really she was just one of those parents who just tried way to hard, which made them look stupider. 

"Thats the third test you've failed," Alix whispered from the seat behind me. She wasn't that angry at me for not remembering me as seeing how much of a mess I was with anything. 

"I don't really care," I muttered. 

"You're going to have to take this class over again," She chuckled. 

"No I won't," I contradicted weakly. The truth was that she knew better than i did that I was going to have to take it over again. I just didn't want to admit the possibility to myself.  

"Yes you are," She assured me. 

"Shut up." 

"Fine," She hissed. "Then I guess you don't want to hear what I had to ask.

"What?" I gasped, turning around completely in my seat. "No, no! Ask away!" 

"You told me to shut up."

"You're hearing things!" Normally if I girl was going to ask you something, it was going to be something good. And I definitely did not want to miss out since no girl ever had anything to ask me. Even if I was standing in their way they wouldn't even bother to ask me to move. 

"I saw your lips move-"

"You're delusional!" I interrupted. "Do you need to see the councilor." 

She giggled gently and rubbed her hand through her hair. "Fine, you didn't say that." 

"So?!" I asked impatiently. 

"I was going to ask me if you wanted to study at my house sometime..." 

"YES!" I yelled. Everyone looked over at me awkwardly. I cleared my throat, "I mean, sure." 

She giggled as she took out a piece of notebook paper to write her address down on. She handed me the paper and whispered for me to come over at around seven. I nodded and turned around in my seat starring at the paper. I had never been to a girls house before. I could only wonder what it would be like. 

The End

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