F is for Failure

"Aren't you too old to be playing with dolls Sage?" Noah growled crossing his arms. I lay scrambled on this floor, exhaling as my heart came back to life. "You need to be more of a man Sage. Then maybe you can actually get a girlfriend."

"Then teach me," I coughed, although I didn't really want Noah to teach me anything about girls. Really I would rather him leave once more and let me spend my time with Luna. But he refused as he picked me off of the ground. 

"Put that thing back in the closet and come downstairs dressed nicely," He advised in a very demanding way.

"Yes sir," I saluted. He laughed at me for a moment and closed the door behind him and I could hear him make his way down the stairs. I exhaled again as I made my way back over to Luna. 

"Thank you for keeping quiet," I gasped. 

"You're welcome," She mumbled in a pretty rehearsed sort of fashion. "But  is not much of surprise since I was programed that way." 

"Yeah I guess I have to give the boss a break every once in a while," I laughed. "But next time don't fight me when I put you into the closet."

"It was scary," She mumbled.

"You shouldn't be afraid," I assured her. I kissed her lightly and she tried pulling me into some more than I was going to let her have. I pushed her hand away before she could grab onto any of my hair. "Not now babe. I have to get ready to leave."

"You're actually gonna go?" She asked. "See other girls..."

"Im just going to pretend," I assured her again.  "Don't worry, when I get home I'll be coming home to see you. And I promise you the wait will be worth it."

"Can I sleep while your gone?" She asked simply. I nodded my head and put her to sleep and set her back gently this time into my closet and shut the door. 

I went through my dresser and scrimmaged for a nice graphic T-shirt that would be hopefully a dark color and for a pair of jeans since I was still kind of in my boxers. I slipped the shirt over my head while I tried to slip on my jeans at the same time. I put on some socks and grabbed a pair of my converse shoes and put those on as well. I looked at my hair in the mirror. I was too lazy to do anything special with it, so I just slid the comb through it once and left it that way. I ran down the stairs to meet Noah at the bottom of the steps. 

We went out to his car and he drove me all the way to the mall without either of us saying a word about what had happened. He just turned the music on and sang along to that while I watched the houses pass by outside of my window. 

We walked through the stores. I just had my head down and my hands in my pockets. Noah groaned every time he looked back at me. I was able to be this way for a while before he stopped me. 

"See that girl over there?" He asked pointing over to the pretzel stand. I looked up through my bangs to see her. 

She had long blond hair and a wide smile. Dark blue eyes were the focal point of her face. I felt my jaw drop. And I could only hope to myself that was the only thing that proved I was impressed by her. 

Noah wrapped his arm around my shoulders, "Go over there and talk to her. And don't make yourself look like an idiot."

"No promises," I assured him, since really I just thought that I was an idiot. 

He pushed me away and I walked over to her, my hands in my pocket, swallowing hard. Suddenly I was just about to bump into her before I had noticed that my legs had actually dragged me all the way over to her.

"Hey," She greeted kindly. "Sage, isn't it?"

"You know me?" I asked awkwardly. 

"Yeah," She mumbled slowly. "You go to my school. We're in Biology together. Remember?" 

"Oh," I mumbled, sort of embarrassed. "I think I remember now." She sighed and looked a little discouraged. "I'm sorry. What's your name?" 

She gasped and grimaced at me. "Alix," She growled. 

"Oh!" I coughed, finally remembering her. "Look I'm really sorry."

"Sure you are," She growled. "Just go away." 

I groaned slowly and walked back to Noah. 

"So how'd it go?" He asked. 

"Terrible," I hissed. "Take me home. Right now!" He nodded even though he honestly probably didn't want to take me home. He was determined to get me on the right track. He kept wanting to hear about it in the car. All I did was continue to say 'leave me alone' for quite a while before he would let it go. 

When I got home I ran all the way back upstairs and locked the door this time, and pushed my computer chair up against it just to reassure next time Noah wanted to barge in I would have some down time before he could burst in. 

I opened up the closet and got Luna out. She looked up at me whenever she woke up and smiled lightly. 

"How'd it go?" She asked through a yawn.

"Terrible," I explained to her. "I'm a failure."

"No your not," She assured me, sitting on her legs. She grabbed onto my face and pulled my head in so she could kiss me again. She wrapped her arms around my neck, putting one hand on the back of my head and the other she let dangle down my back. She played with my hair as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer.

I could only guess that time would tell what would happen next.  

The End

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