Our Day In

"Good morning Sage," Luna greeted. I rubbed my tired eyes and looked in her dark eyes. She was sitting at the foot of my bed, looking over my half awake body. 

"I charged you last night," I mumbled. 

"Yes, and I woke up all by myself," She smiled, feeling proud of herself. That would probably be a bad thing. "It's okay, your family all went out to go shopping. They left you here to sleep. They won't be back for a while. So we can hang out! Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah I feel better," I muttered. "I feel like I have a hangover though." 

"Hangover?" She asked, tilting her head the same cute way she always did. 

"You wouldn't understand if I tried to tell you." 

"Try me," She dared. 

"I'm too tired," I yawned, pressing my face into my pillow. She grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me back and forth.

"I'm bored! No wonder you can't get a girlfriend!"

I grabbed the pillow and instead of comforting my head with it, I chucked it at her. She fell back onto the floor with a large thud. Crap! I looked over the edge of the bed.

"Did I break anything?" I asked.

She got up and shook her head. "Your boss built me better than that," She explained, wiping off her all too clean shirt. She looked perfect for someone who probably also just woke up. I probably looked terrible.  

"Well I'm glad your okay." I pulled her back up onto the bed, and she pouted her lip. "What?" I asked. 

"I'm your girlfriend," She sobbed. "Treat me with some kind of love and compassion. Treat me like a human. Please?" 

She had a point. I wasn't using her the way she was intended to be, and she had an overactive emotional chip. Was she supposed to be this way? What did my boss say? I can't remember. 

"I'm sorry," I apologized. I hugged her tightly and I heard her mouth move into a smile. She moved her head out in front of my face. She puckered her lips and me and I felt my face heat up a little bit. 

"You do it," She demanded in a sweet tone. 

"Uh okay," I stuttered. My eyes fluttered closed and I leaned forward a little bit. I tried to recall the old movies that I saw on television where the people would kiss romantically. I opened my eyes slightly to position my hands. One on her cheek, and another holding onto her arm. She looked at me intently, waiting for me to make my move since I was supposed to be the professional. I closed my eyes again. I leaned forward and she moved along with my hand as I pulled her forward slowly. Our lips touched, and hers were very soft for being a robot. She moved her lips in sync to mine and it felt for a moment like she was a real person. 

It ended sort of abruptly and kind of embarrassing in way. I rubbed the back of my neck and she laughed. 

"I'm saying that it counts as my first kiss." 

She laughed at my joke and hugged me. Just then I heard the car roll up in the driveway just before I was going to kiss her again. I pushed her into the closet and she tried to deny it. I squeezed the door closed and leaned against it as Noah walked into my room. 

"That doesn't look suspicious," Noah mumbled, pointing out how I looked scared as hell holding a door closed. 

"Let me out!" I heard Luna mumbled. 

"What was that?" Noah murmured. "Open the closet door."

I shook my head. He came up and pushed me out of the way and opened up the closet door, Luna falling to the floor. 

The End

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