The Raspberry Fair

She stared at me, and I stared back at her. "So," she muttered in her soft voice. I just laughed silently to myself. "Is this all you humans do?" I shook my head. 

"No, this isn't," I explained to her, grabbing her hand which was very cold in my grip. She blinked at me slowly. 

"Well what else is there?" She asked. 

"Uh, school," I mumbled. "Bowling, mini golf, movies-" 

"Can you show me?" She asked. "Please Sage I want to see what's out there." She looked at me with her sweet face, pouting her lip so realistically. I had some money saved up, and I was saving it for a day like this. A day where a girl would whine and plead to spend the day with me. And a beautiful girl to. I took her hand and snuck her out of the house. Xanthe left her bike, so I leant it to Luna. Xanthe shouldn't mind. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. 

She was pretty skilled and caught onto the gist of riding the bike faster than anyone in the world ever learned how to ride a bike. We passed by a huge fair. I stopped and motioned her over to the parking lot where we found a bike rack.

"What is this place?" She asked, dumbfound.

"It looks like the Raspberry Fair."

"Raspberry Fair?"

"A fair that we have every year around the time that raspberries are harvestable. It's just for fun. There's a bunch of rides and food venders. Come on I'll show you." 

I led Luna into the crowd. She looked up at the Ferris Wheel and around at the Swinging Ship to the Himalayas ride. She felt lost in the group, which was easy to tell since her grip tightened against my fingers.

"It's okay, I won't lose you," I promised her softly. She smiled at me and I took her up to the Ferris Wheel. We stood in line, and she never seemed impatient the whole time we were there. "Do you have a fear of heights?" I asked.

"I'm not afraid of anything," She explained, looking forward at the people in line. "Fear is nothing but a road block." I nodded my head, although I didn't agree with her. Yet she wasn't Human, so i guess it was okay that she wasn't afraid of anything.  

We moved our way to the front of the line and I paid the guy twenty five cents to get on the ride, a quarter for each of us. We climbed into one of the cars, only the two of us. I had her sit next to me as apposed to her sitting in front of me. I held her hand as we waited for the other passengers to board. 

"Why do we keep stopping?" She asked, still flustered by all this Fair junk. 

"They have to let the others on," I explained to her. "Once everyone gets on we will go around without delay." She nodded her head and starred down at her feet. I wasn't sure if she was just bored or if she was admiring her shoes. She was a hard creature to read. 

The ride started going normally and she leaned on my shoulder as it went around. "Is this all?" She asked me, looking up at me with her dark blue eyes which glistened in the sunlight. 

"Pretty much," I explained. "Don't worry, we'll go on the Swinging Ship next." 

"What's that one like?" 

"Where your sitting on this Pirate ship and it goes back and forth, each time rising higher." I pointed the ride out to her from over the side of the cart. She looked at it and heard the screams of kids that were on the ride. She smiled.

"Looks like fun," She muttered. "When is this ride over."

"It should only last a few more seconds," I mumbled. For a robot she wasn't very easy to please.

We got off the Ferris Wheel and she grabbed my arm and dragged me to the Swinging Ship ride in the middle of the park. We waited in line there, and she couldn't stop smiling. I could only hope that this ride was as much fun as she was anticipating.

We got on the ship, and she demanded we got the back most seat. The ship started swinging back and forth. She seemed under-impressed. When we got high up I felt my stomach start to turn a little. It had been years since I'd been on one of these rides and the last time I did I was very young and got sick.

I held on tight to her, my arms wrapped around her surprisingly soft body. She looked down at me, confused.

"Your scared?" She asked.

"No," I mumbled. "Sick."  

The End

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