Robot? Your Kidding Me...

"Ta da!" He sang presenting the still unfinished model two days later. She looked very human like. She didn't even look like a robot what-so-ever. Soft creamy skin, slim figure, perfectly proportioned limbs, a sweet an innocent face, and a slight pinky tone to her that made her look like she had blood and veins to put it in. "There's not much left to do. All we have left is all of her personality chips. Here look through this box and pick out the ones you want."

He thrust a large box of small little chips, each labeled. I fished through the box and threw  a few next to me on the counter. Once I threw out a good pile I searched through and got ride of the ones that seemed worthless. Finally I had a nice little pile in my hand. 

"There you go," I handed them over to him. 

He looked at them. He slipped the chips in his pocket and took me over to his computer. "Now, I need you to tell me which one of these voices you like best.' he played them all, each at a different pitch. I chose a soft and musical one. He complemented my tastes and printed out another chip. I didn't know about this kind of technology. "She should be ready in the morning," He explained to me. I was sent back into the front room that I worked in. 

I took in to him a few more boxes from the mail lady. I looked at the labels, and they were a little more 'normal'. Such as a pair of shoes, a shirt, and jeans. I took them in and set them down on the floor next to the door, I didn't feel like bothering him. 


I parked the bike on the side of the house. I chained it up to the bottom of the paint-chipped window. I walked inside and hung my hat up on a nail. My brother snuck up from the hallway and grabbed me into a headlock. 

"Hey little bro," He teased as he rubbed his fist against my face, making me bite the inside of my cheek. My sister slid down the railing of the stairs. 

"Sage is home," She jeered. She leaned over slightly to smile me at eye level. She looked at my brother her eyebrows narrowed. "Let go of him Noah."

"Xanthe," Noah whined softly. "Is it such a bad thing that I  love my brother?" She rolled her eyes. 

"Can I go to my room?" I asked Noah helplessly. He hugged me awkwardly. I kneed his stomach and he let go of me. He grimaced at me from an angle as I ran up the stairs. 

My room was an overall decent size, with the same paint chipped windows, and the holly screen. My bed was a torn up mess with some of the stuffing on it that came from my arm chair. The arm chair was a plaid and a crappy shade of blue. I used it when I played video games on my colorless ten inch television screen. My floor was discolored in every way imaginable. Clothes laid abandoned on the floor. C.D.s were scattered around, some without cases, others scratched till they were totally useless. Little light ever came in since my light bulb burst and hasn't been replaced yet.

i turned on the television and sat there for a few minutes before I fell asleep, wasting away the rest of that beautiful Friday, dreaming of the girl that would be mine on that Saturday.


I couldn't even drive straight. I fumbled off my bike, getting my leg caught in one of the spokes. I kicked it out into the middle of the street. I ran for it and dodged a few cars as i pulled it weakly off of the road. I clumsily tripped inside the door to see a tall beautiful girl in front of me. I stood up and straightened up my shirt.

"Are you Sage?" She asked, her eyes opened wide. She looked oddly familiar.

"Yes, that's me," I mumbled slowly. "Who are you?"

"Luna," She recited holding her hand out for me to shake. I returned the favor. She forced an awkward smile. I laughed to myself softly. She had a little bit longer than shoulder length blond hair, dark blue eyes-which were almost black-, light creamy skin, a perfectly portioned face, a slim body, and was wearing a black dress that went down to her knees.  

"Nice to meet you Luna," I mumbled, like my brother had attempted to teach me. She smiled again. "So are you a new employee here?"

She looked at me, somewhat confused. She shook her head and pointed back to the door. My boss came bursting out of the door. Once he saw me a cheesy smile stretched across his face from one ear to the other. 

"I see you've met Luna," He smiled. She nodded. "She's ready for you to take home." 

I pointed to her, and slowly managed to spit out: "This is my robot?" 

"Well of course it is," He laughed. 

"She's a robot. Robot? Your kidding me right?" 

"No." He laughed harder now almost falling to the ground. "She's got human-like movements. Well... at least she will in a few hours hopefully. She talks, moves, thinks, and acts like normal human being. She is short-out and malfunction resistant, and also water-proof. She can go to school with you, and do just as well as the regular student. The only thing that you will notice that's non-human like is that she must be charged every 24 hours. So I would suggest charging her while you're sleeping. It's like her form of sleep since she never grows tired, or hungry. Actually she doesn't need anything besides your attention. When your done talking to her for the day just charge her." 

I looked up at her with amazement. Wouldn't Noah and Xanthe notice that I just suddenly added a new member to  the family? Oh well, I didn't care. Now it was time for me to see what this Robot/Girl could do. 

The End

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