A Metal Love


Pain spread through my hand as I gaped at my skin, which was now softly changing color. I bit my lip as i hit my head against the table holding back rising screams. "God dammit," I screeched kicking my leg against the work station. This was how I dealt with pain, I created more. 

"Sage," My boss grumbled walking through the door. He almost never brought himself out of his door. "What did I tell you about that cupboard?" 

"Not to open it," I mumbled sheepishly. I clenched my teeth together. I knew he was peeved that I hurt myself doing something I wasn't supposed to. He needed to organize this place so that large hammers wouldn't plummet down onto my poor hand.

I was actually surprised that I could keep this job. Shouldn't he have fired me long ago? I didn't do work. I couldn't even remember what his name was. Cookie? Crockett? I couldn't tell you if 'C' was truly the first letter. I didn't even know what his shop was for, or why people would even decide to walk into this mess of a shop. Although it is my job to clean and be his little servant boy. All I did was cause myself injuries and he had to pay more of my medical bills. He was one crazy dude, but I at least got paid a nice little bit of green stuff. I had plenty of money to spend on my girl.

That is, if I had one. This is how it works:

I arrived at school on a pleasant Tuesday morning. Sporting a new shirt which complimented my muscles. She slipped into my view, her hair hanging down on her shoulders with it's brilliant blond color. A tight shirt only helps. I slipped over to her locked and winked at her. She tilted her head to the side. 

"How would you like to hang out at a movie or something?" I ask cooly. She laughs and shakes her head. I groan and it repeats from Wednesday to Friday. I've asked out every girl in my class, no luck.. I was a hopeless romantic. I feel I have a lot to offer, but no one to quite offer it to. 

So I spend my work's paychecks for new hats, and to put into my fund for college. I didn't have one for a car since I didn't mind my brother's old Truck. It had character. The scratches each were just another great memory. From the time we hit traffic cones to the time he hit the pig outside of that ice-cream place. 

"You're paying for the things you broke," My boss grumbled at me as I snapped back into reality. "Now I have to get back to work on my latest project."

"Which is...?" I asked, my hand finally settling down.

"You know what Sage," He started, I leaned forward. "I think I'll actually show you this. I think you'll take quite an interest in this current project of mine." He took me back into his work station.

I looked around me. My eyes widened. This place was the strangest place, and the last place you would expect to find in an old shabby broken down warehouse. Random chemicals scattered around in a random fashion. Large machines, abandoned and previously sketched blueprints. A large chalkboard and flickering lights. Machines with bright lights that shined in many different colors, along with a strobe light and a smoke machine which kept the linoleum floor covered in a gray mist, which at certain areas glowed purple. It had a strange arrangement of smells, from a chick's perfume to a smell of gasoline.   

He took me back to the wall where he had a tack board with a large blueprint that wasn't blue, but a beige color. He turned on an extra light which revealed a picture that puzzled me. It looked like a person, posed in the shape of that one painting of the dude whose in an X shape. 

"What's that?" I asked, pointing my finger out to it. 

"My latest creation," He bragged, dancing around in front of it. "Say goodbye to your woman problems. For I could build you the greatest girlfriend of all. Fully functional, and totally customizable. From eye color to the way she behaves. The first robot to ever be disguised as a human being. If you wish we could start her tonight." 

I blinked awkwardly. Was this really possible, to create a human? Well a robot/human. I was desperate. "Let's start."

"So what shall she look like?" He asked looking up at his brilliant blueprint.

"Blond," I mumbled. "Slim, maybe with dark eyes."

"I'll show you all the different eyes available for you," He beamed, grabbing a package that seemed oddly familiar.

"Here you go Sage," the delivery woman muttered before she made her way out the door. I looked at the top of the cardboard box. It read out: Eyes. I looked at it, awkwardly confused. I decided not to worry about it and shuffled it to the side. 

"Boss you got a package," I yelled, opening up a magazine that arrived with it. 

 He opened up the box and I looked down in it slowly. I was shocked at the site I saw. I was sure I would lose my lunch, but somehow I didn't. This man was crazy, but I was interested in what he could do for me. 

The End

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