A Messy Mistake (Medieval Fantasy)

Del and Relek go in for a more dangerous job than usual. Lets just say they forgot some stuff.

The window latched released with a click as the metal tab was pulled out of the crack. The small wooden window opened a cracked followed by whispers from outside. The window swung opened to reveal a portion of an abandoned loft. Dust swirled through the air as the first figure dressed in black swooped in without a noise, the second followed not so subtle. They closed the window returning the room to darkness. Rustling was followed by a soft blue glow emitting from a crystal hanging around the neck of the first thief. The blue light revealed a long and narrow area filled with crates of long forgotten assortments of furniture, clothing and paintings. 

The first thief picked out a small box and placed it down beside a large crate to act as a stool. He turned to his tall partner. "Are you sure you brought everything Relek?" 

Relek's crystal activated and he grinned back. "Of course I did Del!" Relek took the bag off his shoulder and dropping it to the ground with a small thud, causing Del to cringe. "I never forget. Unless it's on purpose."

"But seriously, did you pack everything?" Del sat on the stool. "Deciding not to bring lock picks when we're breaking into safes and not telling me until we're halfway through the house is not a fun experience. And be a little more quiet, for all we know we're right above guards." Whispered Del."I enjoy not being hacked into dog food." 

"Yes, yes whatever you say mom." Said Relek sarcastically waving his hand at him.

Del gave Relek a suspicious glance and turned back to the crate pulling out a few notes. "Alright lets set up." Del moved his hand out to his side while looking at some of the notes. "Towel." A towel dropped into his hand and he wiped the black soot from his face, throwing the towel carelessly into the corner of the room afterwards. "Servant robes." A matching pair of embellished white pants and shirt were drooped over his arm. Del inspected them quickly before placing it beside the crate."Chalk." A small black piece was placed in his hand and Del put it neatly on the side of the crate. He raised his hand again."Map." Nothing was dropped into his hand."Pass me the map Relek." Still nothing. 

Del turned to Relek who smiled back innocently. "Relek, please don't tell me you forgot the map."

"No" Relek said slowly.

"Then where's the map"

"I may or may not have possibly misused it on the way here."

Del brought his hands to his face and closed his eyes as he rubbed his temples. "Alright."Opening his eyes again. "What did you do this time?"

"Do you remember how we were trekking through the woods a few days ago on the way here?"


"And do you remember how I caught that rabbit that one night when we camped beside the creek."

"Okay, but what does that have to do...?"

"Well I may or may not have had some bowel problems that night." Said Relek as he shuffled from foot to foot.

There was a pause. "Where are you going with this Relek?"

"Well you see, I went off into the woods a bit to take care of business when I realized that I had run out of toilet paper. So I may have rummaged through my coat and may or may not have used the map."

"Oh god dammit."Said Del. 

"In my defence, it was very dark and I left my light back at the campfire."

"What happened to using a leaf?"

"Hey, do you realize how much poisonous oak there is in that forest? And besides, leaves don't have the right texture.

"You know what, just forget it." Said Del raising his hands in defeat. He turned back to the crate and pulled out a new parchment of paper. "Lets just draw it out starting outside to inside. What do you remember from what was left?"

Relek leaned over Del. "Well I remember the walls coming from the water here and here in a semicircle." Relek pointed at two points as Del drew the area to fit the whole page." There were three guard posts on the wall here with a road coming in at the center one." Relek scratch his small beard and squinted. "Unfortunately I couldn't making anything in this area though."

"You just circled the whole page."

"As I said before," Relek chuckled, " I had some bowel problem."

"Well it looks like we get to wing it again, as usual." Said Del as he pushed all the papers off the crate. "Alright, lets getting going, get your robes on and pass me the lock picks. I might as well just take them now."

"I thought you brought them?" 

The End

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