the next dayMature

We made plans on facebook, HE would skip that hour, and i would take my usual pass to walk about.

I see him in the halls,"Come with me, I want to show you somthing." I take his hand, they are warm and dry, but not like caphy dry, just not sweaty.

I blushed and he laughs at how "innocent" I am...

Not so innocent in my head, Here I am holding hands with taken man, but at this moment I did not care. I was enjoying myself.

I watched the reflection of us together as we walked to the auditorium.

I wonderd where he would take me.

We walked up stairs to a door. My face was hot and blushing red.

"Your so cute." He said. His smile was intoxicating me. I felt so high, and my knees where so weak; they felt like they would fall from under me.

Is this love, or just chemistry? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Instead of doing what anyone would think we are about to do, I nervously babbled, and read to him, my thoughts journal, and my personal diary.

He watched me with his brown eyes, his smile made my blushing face feel pale and flushed. I had never experienced these emotions ever in my life... What is going on?

He sat next to me,"Don't freak out, I just want to see somthing." He leand in and kissed my lips. I could feel my cheeks again, my throat was tight and my glands where swelling. But i was full of so my joy I could only smile, my cheeks where hurting.

I didnt move my head after the kiss; our foreheads stayed touching. I looked at his lips and tried to breath through my nose. My lungs where freaking out.

I lean in and we kiss again. I can taste him behind my lips, Its undescribable, only that i yurned to taste it some more. But my lungs could not control themselves. I felt weak and I could barley speak. So i didn't.

We stayed seated, I lay my legs ontop of his and place my hands past my lap. I thought what i had found was his leg...I was utterly wrong...I found his...Member.

I flipped out,"AH! It's hard as a brick!" He laughed at me and although he was black, I could tell that beneath his skin he was blushing as much as me...Only I'm more noticable...

I laughed and sat there...starstruck.

"Wow..." Was all I could say.

The bell rang. I tried to stand in my own, but failed misurably.

He helped me up,"Are you okay?" He laughed.

I giggled histarically,"I'm just alittle overwhelmed." I laughed again.

"Your so cute." He cooed. I push his arm,"No i'm not." I laughed and we walked to my next hour.

"That was fun!" He gave me a hug,"Yes it was." He smiled and I watched him leave.

Thinking about what just happend.

The End

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