A messed up love storyMature

David Randell is a tortured soul, he feels he always needs a girlfriend, and even when he has one...he unfortunatly feels the need to mess around with other women. He makes up lies to get out of situations. This is my love story...

"So, I like this guy, his name is david; but he has a girlfriend." Taylor says with a guilty face.

"oooh, scandaless, whats he like?"

"Well, he's black. His eyes are brown,"

"My favorite." I winked at her and we giggled, she continued.

"He is kind of short, but not noticably. And when he talks to me, it makes me feel pretty, like i'm important."

I envied her with her crushes, My life is very complicated, the man who I longingly wish to be with did not wish the same. He only wished for what was in my pants, and on my chest.

"Thats so cute, your so lucky. Ooh, guess what." I took out the note Ben and I passed in the hour before,"He said he wants to make out with me." I giggled and stomped my feet with excitment. the thought of his lips on mine made me want to go crazy!

"AH! Thats so cute," She read the note and giggled at every statment.

I was growing boerd so as she finished reading i stood from my seat and waltsed over to Mr. Stone's desk.

"Hey Mr. Stone, how is life?"

"Fine, yours?"

"Boering...Hey, can I go to art next door?"

"Um, if she isn't busy teaching."

"She won't mind, she loves me."

Mr. stone wrote a pass,"Bye."

"Thanks Mr. Stone. Bye, Taylor." She waved and started to talk to a girl behind her.

I went to the hall, three steps away I walked to Mrs. Smith's art class.

"Hey Mrs. Smith." I smiled and gave her my pass.

"Hey Guinn, want some paper?"

"Nah, I have my scetch pad." I walked over to an empty seat,"Hey, can I sit here?"

"Uh, yeah I guess.."

I noticed the thing he was drawing, a hand with veins and blood, this guy was obviously in to screamo music and cutting himself, possibly drugs.

"Hello, I'm Guinn,"

"Hey Guinn, I'mm David," He had no enthusiasm whats so ever.

"Whats the sybolism behind this?" I pointed to his big drawing.

"Well, I don't really know...She said to do a drawing with hands so I did."

"I like it, but you should do this when you shade, it makes it more 3D." I took a pencil and started to take over; an unhealthy habit of mine, I didn't notice that he didn't want me to take over, but he had manners and didn't show his feelings towards my actions.

"Thank you, I guess?" He looked at my "Fixes" and continued to do it the way he was origonally doing it.

"So, David, Do you know a Taylor?"

"Uh, yeah, I don't really like her, I can't find a nice way to make her go away."

I felt a sudden surge of anger, but I kept it from coming out.

"What are you listening to?"

"The Used, Bird and the Worm." His smile was like a snakes, his eyes looked boerd and unphased and emotionless. His hair was nappy and combed to the side,"Do you stairghten you hair?"

"Yeah, I was like what the fuck, Ill straighten it..."

"I think it looks cool."

"Thank you." Although he was very boerd and rhaspy, his voice sounded like it was elegant and sort of alluring.

I felt oddly comfortable with this man, all the thoughts of anger towards him had vanished, I took a head phone and listend to the songs he liked.

"Ah, I like the part when they go, Ahhw Ah awwwh ah."

He bobed his head to the music,"Oh, Listen to this." He flipped through his music to a song with a picture of a guitar on it. I watched his fingers as he imatated holding a pick and struming the guitar like a matador.

Such grace there was in his strum, his face full of joy, and boerdom. I decided to change the thought of boerdom to peace, this man no longer had a sense of boerdom, but absolute peace.

I doodled in my notebook and listend to his music, one song came on that I was familure with, Sorry Mrs. Jackson. I started to sing along with it, one of his friends sitting near us shouted,"SINGIT GIRL!" although he was white, he was refurring to my black like voice, my imatation of the singer sounded pretty good.

"Nevah ment to make you dAughtah cry I apolAgize a trillions times."

We symotaniously went,"Oooh!" and I moved my hands like a jaz master. Bobbing my head to the beat; and out of habit pursing my lips like a black person.

David laughed at me, which only made me laugh aswell.

"You know what, I'm gunna call you pancake."

I laughed,"Ok?"

We continued to chat;I learned that he was cherokee, and that he did indeed have a girlfriend named laura or somthing like that.

"I'm sweedish." He smiled and comented,"I could tell, I think i'll call you falaffle."

"Whats that mean?"

"It's a sweedish pancake." I laughed and the the song changed,"I like your music."

It took exactly one day to become friends with this guy. It's weird how natural this friendship started.

The End

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