Memories 2

Apple pies in the oven, the sweetness stirring my stomach. Chopping rhubarb for crumbles and covering doorsteps with home made jam. All the Saturday afternoons, watching old black and white movies with my Nain. Trips into town, my legs going as fast as they can, as my Nian always walked so fast. Maybe that's were I get it from as my mother comments on me doing the same. Lately she has been on my mind a lot, it would be coming up to her birthday soon and maybe that's why I feel quite sentimental a lot. My daughter is growing up now too, and although she is only eleven I can sometimes see here drifting away. They seem to grow quicker today. She is influenced already by her friends, who I think aren't as lucky to have that quality time we so often spent together, their parents work long hours, or they are passed from baby sitter to after school clubs. And then given gifts to make up for it, that don't involve their parents. I used to sit for hours and play silly board games, with my Nain and my brothers. Its bonding and quality time that a lot of children today just don't know or have that chance at. My daughter I think has done a lot for such a young age, I involved in my hobbies and liked teaching her new things. Her friends all love coming here for sleep over's as we do such a lot. But as she grows, I know that one day she will suddenly feel it's un-cool to do things with your mother. She knows her own mind, and I know that she wont be led astray, I've taught her right from wrong, as best as I could and to make her own decisions. But I can remember in my teens, when my visits to my Nain's were replaced with shopping trips with friends. And how at the time I would feel torn between my Nain and my new friends. And the guilt I would feel as I was growing up, if I saw my Nain in town with her friends. She would scold me and worry that I know. But smile as always and kiss me in front of my friends, embarrassing me then. 'ooh little Donna,' her friends would say, the look of the Kelly's' People still say that to this day. So we'd do our baking the following day, and watch our movies, I didn't think it was un-cool.

Its made me who I am today, and as I watch the similarities between my daughter and my mother in their relationship, although instead of baking cookies, they electronic hand held games and look at the latest fashion on the net. How times have changed. I miss those times, but the memories will never be taken away.

The End

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