A Memory. #1

' I feel like writing, while I should be drawing.

Thinking about the night I met a raven.
How strange it was raining right then. The rain. Oh, it is as if it tries to unite us. The chanting rain and the raven... What it is I don't think I'll ever put my finger on, merely quess. 

This dripping rain is forthbringing my thoughts of him, yet this rain is no rain of his... Every time I had gotten a glimpse of him, before I knew him, this same rain had always hang in the sky. It is blue. So very blue, thick... Yet soft as a tear against my cheek. And the moon, so silver and solemn... Had lure me out in this still and sorrow night. On the same little gravelroad along this city shore. I didn't ever cared about my heels sinking into the little stones...

I had no way to go, other than this temporary home, from where I'd just come from. A stroll without no meaning, no purpose, like the rest of the world. I may have looked like I was crying, for some drops of the sky's weepings had stained my eye. Slowly walking with hanging head and heavy, wet hair, a not so unfamiliar aura I felt before me.

And on that bench, that bench where I and Jack always sat, the rainman sat, with his face in his hands. I was stunned by his oh, so different feeling about him. So in grief, so desperate... Oh, why... I wondered. When he turned his marine eye to me. Numb I was. Gazing, and then he rose to slowly walk towards me. Of beating hearts, I think mine was worst. He stopped just a meter in between. He spoke the forgotten language, with such lostness in those blue eyes, where man only sees evil. I think the forest in mine gave him the home he needed.

I reached him my left hand, yet he just stepped closer and wiped my cheek with his black-clawed thumb, a look from me, and then we went home in this heavy rain.

Where he is now, I don't know. 
I hope he's well, and I think so too.
Though I cannot help but wonder why this rain is still so sad? Where is this raven now sitting?
... Atleast I know now that you're not forgetting.

I love the rain. '

/ the magpie.

The End

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