A Melancholic Dream

A tragedy about a demon and human's forbidden love.

Lilith tightened her grip on the chain she was clutching in her left hand. Gnarled, twisted horns protruded from the long, matted hair on her head.

The lesser demon in front of Lilith shuddered fearfully as she raised the white-hot chain above her head, ready to send it crashing into it's cheek. It roared in anger as she toyed with the horns on it's head. Along with it's hair and wings, horns were the most important part of a demon. Much alike to how important a heart or a brain is to a human.  Demons do not have a heart or a brain, where the gloopy mess of a brain should be is just black energy. And in the empty space left for a heart is just a shrivelled and black ball which is never to beat again. 

The bodies in which a demons energy -or "soul"- is kept in are simply made by magic. If you are a demon of higher standing, like Lilith, then you are given the blessing of having a body resembling a human, whereas lesser demons like the one which was crouched in front of Lilith are permitted a frightful, beast-like body. 

'Repent for this,' Lilith snarled inhumanly, 'repent for this disgrace.' 

'Crante tresfaul crittlik,' the demon begged, it's rough voice giving his pleas a sharp edge. Lilith took this as mockery and clamped her teeth over his right horn, ripping it off with her immense jaw-power. The demon screamed as Lilith spat out the sharp object onto the floor, her lips twitched as it fizzed and turned to a small pile of ash which she kicked into the demon's face.

'Halt Lilith.' A demon with whom she often spent her centuries with, Loki, said calmly.

'I beg your pardon?' She turned to him.

'I wish to request your presence on Half Earth this evening.' Loki cocked his head to the side as he asked this. 

'Why, may I ask?'

'I have had a certain Reapers duty thrust upon me for the next decade, because he was imprisoned for the Taboo.' Loki sighed, but it really wasn't as troublesome as he made it out to be because a simple decade was the same as an hour in a demons lifetime. 

'I didn't think people ever committed the Taboo any longer,' Lilith raised her eyebrows, 'I don't see what pleasure it brings them.' 

'Very few have the strength to go through with it, only a few every couple of centuries are arrested for such an act.' Loki informed the women. 

Lilith snorted, 'Pah! Seducing and exciting humans is one this, but loving one is just a ridiculous concept. They have all these tales of forbidden love between demons and humans, and humans and angels. It is almost as if they believe it's possible.'

'Well, it is.' Loki shrugged, 'it's just no demon wants to sacrifice their life for such a trivial thing which could end in thirty years.' 

'Jezebel once told me that if an actual demon with a mortal body, like us, was to commit Taboo we'd died very quickly.' Lilith picked dried blood from her hair, 'just in case you find yourself drawn to a human female.' She smirked.

'Never, dearest Lilith, all my energy is for you.' Loki kissed Lilith's hand.

'Come, now, brother. What sort of ridiculous statement is that? Your energy is your own, but your body is mine.' Lilith leered at him, running a finger down his cheek, 'but do tell me why you request me tomorrow evening.'

'The obvious put aside?' Loki smiled seductively.

'Yes.' Lilith rolled her violet eyes.

'There is a human whose soul must be soiled, and I, as a man, cannot do so. Lucifer told me he wishes this soul to take the place of the reaper who was imprisoned.' 

'But you said that you would be a Reaper for a decade?'

'Yes, that's the troublesome part.'

'Oh, your such a bother, Loki!' Lilith huffed, brushing her tattered skirt down, 'I'll have to get a new outfit which will be acceptable in Half Earth.'

'I already did so for you, Lilith.' Loki smiled widely as he produced a package in a black box, tied with a frayed, crimson ribbon.

Lilith opened the gift to find a brown pinstriped corset with a matching bustle skirt and a little brown headdress. 

'Very nice.' She commented, placing the lid back onto the box. 

Little did she know, that that dress would be the dress that would contribute to ending her life. 

The End

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