Crossed tonguesMature

Jake knew he shouldn’t have taken the last shot of sambuca.

“You can’t be too surprised after all you knew the rumours about this place.”

Jake blinked wondering if he listening to his conscience… after all his head was already playing tricks.

Light brows moved above sky blue eyes seeming puzzle, “hmm not much of talker now. Cat got your tongue? Smoky always love’s catching mice.”

“Hhh how? What?” Jake couldn’t control the stutter that came from his dry mouth.

A sigh echoed around the small room, “the fire won’t keep alight itself so go and collect the fallen wooden shelve in the next room.”

Jake moved his legs trying to bring them back to life and thought of the new development that had entered somehow. He walked slowly from the room not wanting to turn his back until he was away. Jake was able to make out the shelf on the floor as well as other pieces of wood.

How did they enter the cottage? Was there a way out? Who were they?

Questions that needed to be answered and Jake was almost fearful of the answers.

Jake went back into the room licking his lip and swallowing finding his courage. They were still sat in the wooden chair, he could feel their sky blue eyes studying his every move as he bent to feed the fire and hold his hands out feeling the warmth.

“The door is shut.” Jake stated gathering his thoughts.

“That is not a question but an observation.”

Jake rolled his eyes, “how did you get in here? Who are you?”

“The door was open as it always is.”

“No I was surprise to even find it open.” Jake stood. “It’s been shut for years and there are no windows broken…how did you get in here?”

“Through the door of course, are you lame in your head?”

“Pardon?” Even in this situation Jake was polite.

“A little slow to understand something.” They informed him calmly still gazing at him.

“Enough. This cottage is not open to the public, my friends and I came up here on a dare and tired to open the door but nothing at first.”

“Until the moon shone yes? The door opened and you came inside now you can’t get out?” They summarised and Jake breathing deepened fearing the being that now stood in front of him.

“How do you know about the moon?”

“You will be able to leave.”

Jake eyes widen searching the room again, “how?”

“At sunrise you will be able to leave.” They told him. Jake looked closely at the sky blue eyes, smooth light pink skin with noticeable cheery cheeks and long pale blonde wavy hair that came to her chest. Jake stood back finally taking in their appearance and knowing that it was old…very old.

The colour drained from Jake’s cheeks, his hands damp with sweat and his back hit the stone wall.

“No no no please no fucking way.” Jake gasps.

“You curse an awful lot in this decade.”

“We usually have good reason too. Please tell me I’m dreaming and you can’t be what my drunken messed up head is thinking.” Jake almost pleaded that this was the biggest plank ever to be played and a T.V company was going to appear any minute with the cameras rolling.

They smiled genteelly resting their hands in front, “your eyes are not deceiving you.”

“You’re a ghost?” Jake fell down the stone wall his legs unable to support him any longer.

“My name is Emilina, I’m roughly 158 years old and it is a pleasure to finally talk to the living.”

The End

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