No time to give upMature

What the hell was that?

The question drifted into his head as he slowly turned his body around seeing nothing but shadows. Something flickered catching his eyes attention as the shadow moved slightly. He stepped back wishing the old saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ was just that…an old saying.

Licking his lips Jake brought his attention back to the decaying window ceil and using the sleeve of his jacket he tried to wipe away the spider webs. Jake was staring out of the dust window when he felt a cold sensation on the side of his neck. His already shaken body tensed as his thoughts ran wild and heard the floorboard creek.

 Jake swiftly moved ready to pounce. “Back off!” He snarled angrily just about having enough of this creepy cottage.

Only no-one was to be seen just his shadow, his eyes flickered around the room seeing nothing but still the feeling of being watched lingered.

“I just want to leave, I didn’t mean to enter the house but the door opened,” Jake said calmly and for once hoped that it was a prank that his friends had set. “Come on boys don’t be dickheads all your lives.”

Jake waited for the laugher to echo up the stairs, Dale goofy smile plastered over his face and Martin holding his phone out to capture the moment.

But there was no laughter echoing from the stairs as much as Jake strained his ears and hoped that the whole thing was a set up.

Jake shivered crossing his arms together and wondered if he should try the door again. Making the decision he walked slowly from the room, when he heard a intake of breath as he passed the wall or what he thought was the wall in the darken room. Jake stopped for a moment wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him again and hearing nothing else Jake left the room. Bracing his hands on either wall Jake carefully made his way down the stairs.

The door was still closed much to his disappointment and once again he failed to open it. He tripped on entering the first room and brushed his hands on his dark jeans. Jake could make out a stone fireplace and made his way over to it carefully touching the top edge finding a small box. Jake rattled the box then held it up to moonlight and smiled for the first time in entering the cottage. He moved allowing the light to shine in the fireplace. All he could see was ash and looked to see what he could burn. Then he remembered the wooden chair, moving to where he thought it was he removed the sheet and found a small wooden stool instead.

Jake held one of the legs giving it a shake and felt the slight movement. Delighted he walked back to the fire place and with quick movements he slammed the stool against the stone hearing the splitting wood. Jake gathered the pieces feeling the slight sting in his hand but ignoring it as he set about making a fire in the hopes that the wood and matches weren’t too damp.

A few moments later and Jake had managed to get a fire burning releasing heat and lighting up the room. He warmed his hands seeing that a splinter had cut into his skin with a small steam of blood. Jake removed the splinter using his tongue to lick the blood away. He knew that the fire would not last and thought best to search for other objects to burn before the fire went out leaving him in darkness again.

Jake was able to see the floor more now in the glow of the fire and found the wooden chair from before removing the white sheet. He was growing warily by this point and sat on the wooden chair. It may not have looked comfortable but at this point Jake didn’t care and just as he settling into the chair that odd sensation crept over him. Jake shot up from the chair his eyes scanning the empty room, the rumours were right about this place, he thought pulling the chair by the fire and after examining the chair knew that he could not break this one easily.

Time was ticking for the fire Jake would have to find something soon, he could see some wooden shelves that looked built in the alcove of the wall and after clearing the space of spider webs he couldn’t move the wood.

Jake sighed cursing to himself when he heard another noise coming from the other room. Feeling out of options Jake decided to see if he could find anything easy to burn but stopped in his tracks.

“Holy shit.” Jake gasped as his eyes widened. Surely this was the alcohol that was messing with his already crazy head.

Jake knew it was rude to stare but he couldn’t remove his brown eyes from the scene that portrayed in front of him.

Then he was captured by a startled stare that after a moment dissolved into a welcoming smile. 

The End

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