Meadow lane cottageMature

The farm cottage sat on the edge of the town and had been deserted for many years. Most of the windows were boarded up from vandals breaking in but the top windows still remained. Making their way along meadow lane Jake was starting to wonder why he ever accepted his dare. Jake pulled his jacket tighter around his body as they approached the creepy looking cottage with its dark appearance. The greenery was overgrown; the out building was dark with graffiti covering the wooden frames.

“So I heard this place was haunted,” Martin broke the silence as the friends stood in front of the broken cottage.

“Typical, well Jake give my regards to Casper,” Dale joked as he gestured to the firm looking door.

“Fuck off I’m not going in there,” Jake stated. “The dare was to visit this creepy looking cottage, I have and now I’m leaving.”

“Don’t be such a pussy Jakey, we couldn’t leave you alone,” Dale threw his arm around Jake’s shoulders stopping him from walking away.

“Then why don’t you two come with me and besides you said nothing about breaking in.” Jake drunken haze was slowing fading and realisation of having to enter the house alone was making his hair stand on ends. Jake was no pussy but there was something about this cottage that he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Jake we had to make sure you went through with it, now time ticking,” Martin said looking at his watch scrunching up his face. “I can’t see and my phone is dead.”

“That’s because you have a shit phone and hey look…as if by magic,” a smug smile appeared on Dale’s face.

Jake drew his attention away from the cottage and looked up to see shift in the clouds as the full moon light descended.

“Lucky, now Jake please get this over with,” Martin said as he yawned.

Jake sighed knowing there was no getting out of the dare and he didn’t want his friends calling him a pussy for the rest of his life. Jake went up the cottage his eyes gazing around the boarded up window, touching the edge seeing if it would give under his hands but nothing moved.

“Why don’t you try the door like a normal person?” Dale shouted making Jake jump slightly.

“Because knob head,” Jake turn round to face the drunken idiot of his friend. “I very much doubt that it’s open or that there’s a key under the ‘welcome mat’.”

“Ooo touchy!” Dale replied, annoying Jake who was hoping that he failed to enter the house.

Jake went to the door for the sake of ruling it out; he touched the front of the door running his fingers over the sturdy dark wooden door. This doesn’t look right, Jake thought to himself as he brushed away some of the debris and noted the design within the panels. Had this being replaced? Jake’s hand rested on the metal door knob and moved his hand but the door knob only rattled slowing in his hand failing to open the door.

Jake released the breath that he was holding and stepped away from the door with his hands raised. “It’s locked up tight boys.”

“Can we go now?” Martin asked rubbing his eyes. “I can partially hear my bed call me.”

“Fine let’s…shit.” Dale says staring up at the house.

“Time to go Dale,” Jake walks away from the door and pulls Dale’s arm.

“Seriously boys I saw something in the window upstairs,” Dale stood firm.

“Mate, what time do you want me to pick up tomorrow?” Martin asked Jake as they started to walk away from Dale.

“It was maybe only a glimpse, oi Jake Martin!”

Jake shrugged, “the game starts at three, get lunch on the road so about 11:00ish?”

“I’m not joking here.”

“Sounds good, I’ve got the tickets came the other day.” Martin replied as he and Jake carried on walking only to hear Dale running after them.

“Will you STOP!”

“Fucking hell Dale shut up.” Martin spun round to face Dale. “Just wake up the whole village you idiot.”

“But I saw something and I’m not joking,” Dale said holding them both.

Jake rolled his eyes, “you’re drunk and I’m knackered.”

“Just come and look for yourselves.” Dale pleaded with his two friends. Jake turned to Martin for support, but saw that he was looking up to the night sky no doubt wondering why he allowed the dare to stretch on.

Martin growled as he brought his head back down, “alight if it will shut you up.”

Much to Jake wishes they walked back to the cottage and with sceptical expressions they gazed up at the cottage.

“Soo…what window?” Martin asked.

“Upstairs far right side, I saw something a glimmer of something but I don’t know what.” Dale told them confident that he saw something. “Maybe someone in there, go check it out Jake.”

“Why me?” Jake stared upstairs unable to see anything.

“It’s still your dare that’s why just try knocking on the door.”

Jake raised his eyebrow at Dale but shook his head as he went back to the wooden door. His hand tried the door knob again but failed to open and just to shut his friend up who was talking loudly to Martin Jake knocked on the door.

“There you see nothing, can we please go home now,” Jake said as he turned his face to his friends. “No one is-

Jake stopped suddenly hearing a click sound from the door. As much as we wanted to ignore the sound his curiosity refused to move his legs and Jake held his breath as he tired the door for the third time.

The door knob twisted in his hand the noise sending chills down Jake spine and slowly Jake pushed the wooden door open a crack. Jake gasped surprised that the sturdy door was now open, he turned back call to his friends but they seemed engrossed in conversation some distance away and were facing one another.

Jake pushed the door further and stepped closer to the door frame. Darkness consumed cottage making it hard to make anything out. Jake took a deep breath and stepped into the cottage. Leaving the door wide open Jake took a few step forward his foot hitting a step as Jake’s eye adjusted he could make out a small staircase going up. Jake drug out his phone finding the torch app he moved it across the room.

Taking a few more steps into the cottage Jake moved the light over objects that littered the small room with sheets covering them. Jake was surprised that they were not removed as he pulled back one sheet that was covering a wooden hard looking chair.

The sound of floorboard creaking made Jake’s head snap to the ceiling, he shivered and decided he had enough of scaring himself. Jake turned around and then watched in horror as the door suddenly closed.

“Fuck,” Jake whispered and stubbed into something as he found the door. “Open the door you dickheads!” Jake tired the door knob repeatedly and kicked it willing it to open. “Dale! Martin! The joke is over, open this fucking door!” Jake stopped moving his ear to the door hoping he would hear his friends laughing.

But nothing could be heard.

“Fuck.” Jake was starting to panic now and using his phone torch for light as he went around the cottage tripping over objects as he searched for another way out. “The window, maybe that dickhead will notice something else.” Jake knew he was talking to himself like an insane person but this was a stressful situation so needs must.  Jake took the stairs carefully not trusting the wooden steps that could be crawling with woodworm.

Jake reached the top of the stairs all the while his heart was beating strongly encouraging him to find his escape. He turned right remembering that’s where Dale saw something; Jake pushed the wooden door just as his phone torch went out, “you having a fucking laugh.” Jake growled under his breath as he pushed the door open and walked into the low light moon room.

He knocked into something causing him to fall; Jake stood up holding his arms out and made his way to the dusty window. “Oh for fuck sake, where the hell have they gone?”

Jake freezes as the sound of a girlish giggle echoes in the darkness of the room.  

The End

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