The dareMature

Mature.It was a typical Friday night out with boys when Jake accepted the dare to enter old farm cottage. Sounds easy enough right?

It was a typical Friday night. Jake was out with his friends down the local pub, allowing the stress of college to leave his tiresome body as he ordered his fifth pint of beer. 

“Here drink this,” Dale placed a shot glass next to Jakes pint. “It's not vodka.” 

Jake groaned as he picked up the shot glass, “you know I hate sambuca.”

“Ah drink up lightweight,” Dale encouraged and caught the barmaid attention to order his own drink. 

Jake shot the glass back and swallowed quickly but did nothing to take away the burning taste away. Jake picked up his pint taking a few mouthfuls refreshing his mouth.

He could already feel the buzz from his pints and went back to his table where friends partaking in the usual bar mat flip game. Seeing who could flip it the highest on the edge of the table and then catch it. More drinks followed as the night progressed, the crowds of people moved on and Jake friends were left with a tray of shots. 

“Toby will you put that girl down,” Martin shouts over to Toby who was kissing the life out of the barmaid. Toby shoots them the finger and carry’s on kissing. 

“Leave him,” Jake throws back shot glass. “He wants to get his leg over.”

“About fucking time mate,” Dale slams his hand down. “Only way to forget that two-faced cheating cow.” 

“I never liked her,” Martin declared taking a shot glass, his burly eyes looking at the blue coloured drink. 

“Lisa… Hang on didn't you get off with her in Harrods classroom once?” Jake asked remembering details from high school. 

Martin mouth opens and closes before he answers wearing a secret smile, “what happened in Harrods classroom stays in Harrods classroom.”

“And on that note I'm calling it a night,” Jake stands feeling his head spin. 

“Come on one for the road,” Dale says pulling out his mobile and grinning to himself. “Shit what's my pin.” 

Roger the landlord comes over then collecting the glasses, “time to go boys.”

“I'm not leaving until Toby does oi Toby!” Dale shouts and then looks round confused. “What the hell Toby!”

“Ow! Dale you dick he's gone,” Martin holds his head. 


“Someone take him home,” Roger sighs shaking his head. 

Jake laughs and struggles to get his jacket on, “come on mate.” 

“Big johns first boys I need some cheesy chips!” Dale jumps up with drunken fuelled energy. 

Twenty minutes later Jake and his friends leave ‘Big Johns’ tucking into their grease filled food enjoying each mouthful. They straggler through the streets of the small village with the odd car passing them. 

“Hey Dale I'll give you my last chip if you give that lamppost a lap dance,” Martin points to the nearby lamppost and Dale never one to decline a dare runs up to the lamppost and wraps his leg around the base. 

“I've got the moves like Jagger,” Dale sings and the boys laugh pulling out their phones. 

“Okay okay my turn…jaa Jake!” Dale unwraps himself from the lamppost. “I dare you too…visit that cottage down… Ugh where.”

“The one down meadow lane?” Martin offered. Jake groaned inwardly remembering walking past that cottage on his way to high school. It still was still a creepy old building now.

“That's the one farm cottage isn't it?” Dale asked but then shook his head. “Never mind, do you accept the dare?”

The End

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