Ask him about himself

"So Daniel," you ask, "do you have any hobbies?"

"Oh, sure! Let's see... I like to ride in my carriage--I have the best carriage you've ever seen! You can barely feel the road...and you've never seen such well-trained horses! We have the best horse trainer in any of the kingdoms. What else... oh! I like to watch the jester. You'll love our jester; he can juggle; he tells the wittiest jokes and he makes all kinds of funny sounds."

"....Anything else?" you ask. You have a nagging feeling this may not be the prince you've been waiting for.

"Well... let's see... I really like to eat. We have the best cook!"

"Great, but is there anything you like"

The prince gazes past you for a moment. Finally he replies, "Oh! I know! I rescue people."

You brighten. This is what you've been waiting to hear.

"You've rescued a lot of people?"

"Oh sure...mostly royal nieces and nephews and aunts and things... never a princess as lovely as you."

"Great! So you know what to do?"

"Sure! Just show me the rope you've stitched together and I'll hold it for you!"

"But... I haven't made a rope! I don't have anything like that. Do you?"

The prince frowns.

"Me? Make a rope?" he says incredulously. "Isn't that your job?"

The End

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