No, I’ll just walk away. Better not to associate with her,anyway.

She's just a peasant girl, you think to yourself. Just a peasant. You made an oath to protect those peasants, but that doesn't be you should associate with them.

As you walk you can feel multiple pairs of eyes boring into the back of your skull, most of them from the small crowd, but one pair from the girl on the ground. Though you cannot see her to confirm this, you know she is staring at you, unmoved from her kneeling position in the settling dust.

A sigh heaves your shoulders upward, the release of breath not taking any of your anxieties or doubts away.

Darvit, Casper! You swear, silently. She's a human, too, just like you. And what are your chances of working up the courage to talk to a lady of "proper" station, anyways?

Convinced, you turn to stalk back toward the fallen girl, but find her disappeared. The crowd, too, has dispersed, no visible memory of the scuffle only seconds earlier.

"Miss?" you whisper into the slight wind.

Of course, there is no answer. Standing alone near the outskirts of town,  you have only a few choices of what to do next.

The End

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