I don’t want to be the cause of our meeting. If he really wants to come up, he can come up here by his own accord.

Ah, of course. You will never admit it, but deep down you believe in destiny. If its meant to happen, it will. And for some reason, you believe that this knight and you are meant to cross paths, and you don't want to influence destiny.

So you sit and watch. You can see that the villagers are definitely very excited about him. Who is he exactly? You would like to know, but you have no way of figuring it out.

After a while, you grow sleepy. You try to make yourself stay awake, but your eyes slowly close and your head falls to your chest. You decide that now is the perfect time to hit the sack.

So you change into your night dress in a daze and slowly crawl into bed, pulling the sheets and blanks up to your chin. Just as you are about to fall asleep, you head a noise just outside your window. You decide to…

The End

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