I’ll send a carrier pigeon to my father, the king, asking him to notify the knights of my position. If my sheer beauty alone doesn’t tempt them to save me, my father will also issue a reward for my rescue.

An excellent idea. Knights are sure to come knocking if there’s beauty and money, not to mention fame, in the mix.

You send the pigeon off with the note to your father, and wait. The king’s methods are quite efficient, and before you know it, there’s a tap on your window.

You readjust your dress, fix your hair, take a quick glance in the mirror, and open the window. The prince gives you a dazzling smile and you return the favor.

“Hey, blondie.” The prince’s laid-back personality is different from what you had expected, but nice, nonetheless. After a few seconds for chatter from you, he shushes you. “Are you coming down here with me, princess? Or should I leave alone?”

The End

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