I’m not truly beautiful, but I’m not unbearably ugly. I’d call myself very plain. Although I was told that with love’s first kiss, I’d become the most beautiful in all the lands.

Now that’s not an awful curse. It could be much worse. At least you’re not ugly. You could even be considered quite beautiful in some man’s eyes. The only problem is that ‘true love’s kisses’ are pretty short right now. Don’t let that bother you, though.

One day, you get a message from your father, the king via carrier pigeon. Opening the scroll you read his note. The contents summary is that a prince from a neighboring kingdom is looking for a wife and has requested to visit you. He said that the prince was willing to climb the tower and get to know you. He’s not very handsome, and quite simple-minded, but has quite a bit of wealth and would form an alliance between your kingdoms. The king has none-too-subtly suggested that you take advantage of this offer. You…

The End

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