this not a story but just an article. it just about you & me. say we all youngsters. its all about what life you are leading.


Life of a human being, as said to be given to those who had done some good deeds in the past life, is really precious.

Thus, it has to be spent in a good or say a right way. You are the leader of your life itself. It is in your hand, where you are leading your life towards?

Life is a gift given by God to every person, but the real person is one who knows how to make that life different from that of others & convert it into a meaningful one.

From the starting i.e. birth to the death i.e. death, our life is not actually led by us. It bound in the rules, systems, policies & principles made by either the society or by the government or something. In the home itself we have to follow the values.

Every individual’s life starts with the cradle, then goes on from school, college, higher studies respectively. Then he/ she is given some major responsibilities that begin from establishing themselves, marrying, and then having kids, providing them with every possible happiness, facilities & education as well. Soon the kids no longer remain kids & get settled. We grow older & dependent on others. And that’s how our life ends lying on bed for no desire to live.

So, what we did different? What we did for ourselves? What did for anybody? It’s just the customs & principles that we followed!

The power of knowledge is said to be the greatest power. But what does it is for if we can’t forward this knowledge to anybody? What it is for if we just waste our whole life in handling the house chores only? Does that remain important if we don’t utilize it in a right direction?

You have lots of degrees in your hand & have a good salary in your pocket, but it is all waste if you can’t help somebody, nobody knows you except your family & locality.

No prizes for guessing the answer!!

Don’t live just because you have to. Live for fulfilling your dreams, live for a goal, live for yourself & devote your live for the good to everyone. Make people know you for your deeds, for your way of living & for your style. Don’t run behind anyone, make the world follow you. Be a leader, be your own ideal. Live a different, successful, meaningful life & a life to feel proud of.

The End

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