Light House

Well, actually, it's called Haven Boarding House.  Or just Hammond house one. Grand central. One of two Hammond boarding houses, with a unique system and honest owners. Some of the kids we accommodate call it the Lighthouse, because from the attic window, you can see the whole city. That's how it came to be known as Light House as well as Haven House.

Yes, I do realize that my parentals are crazy enough to own a shop and two boarding houses.

It's busy enough, alright. People do their part, whether they stay at Haven House (aka Lighthouse), or Archway House, which is a about two blocks away on the same street.

Yeah, so Danyon and I were walking home to Haven House, stopping at Archway to say hello to my dad. He's a great guy. He can take care of all the buisness, help manage the shop, make amazing bread, and still have time for me, my mom and my two brothers.

As soon as we walked into Haven House, I was mauled. Danyon, of course, jumped aside as soon as we walked into the kitchen. But me? No, I was mauled by a bunch of the kids.

"Hey, Mom? We're back from the shop." I called as we entered the kitchen.

No sooner was it that I spoke that six or seven kids came running into the kitchen.

As usual, Shiloh (he's five), yelled that Kit and Danyon were finally back from work.

And Halle, of course, beat them all there, because she's older then them, adn threw her arms around my waist. She's almost ten, and, I will admit, one of my favourite kids.

So, once she got there, five others followed suit. Shiloh, Aisa (she's four), Soleia (almsot three), Jacob and Jesse (seven) and Shiloh's inseperable friend, Gabriel (also four), all ran into the kitchen and jumped on me as Danyon jumped out of way.

I was almost forced the floor by the kids, chuckling and greeting them all as my mom came into the kitchen.

"Oh, it's seven-thirty already? I could've come to pick you guys up, Kit." she chuckled at me, probably because I was still trying to regain my coordination.

"Uh, Mom, all you have to say is 'Oh, it's seven-thiry?' I'm getting mauled again-" I picked up Soleia. "-for the millionth time. Dad made us close early, so we haven't eaten. Also-" I stepped around the kids, who went into the den "-how could you come to pick us up when you're so busy here?"

Mom just shrugged, and opened the fridge to get out some leftovers for us. She's also great. She manages both houses (while Dad does the buisness), and always makes sure the both boarding houses are the best, most safe houses in the neighborhood. She is also is an amazing gamer.

There is a Wii at this house, as well as Archway House, courtesy of some recent fundraising. Of course, we all have to take turns, etc., and I'm still trying to beat her at Mario Kart.

That evening, it was a little less then normal. But it's never normal when you have to close early to speak with your parents.

The End

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