A matter of perspective

"Please? I'll cover two Saturday night shifts for you, on top of that."

"Nope." Danyon grinned at me. He is so childish sometimes! He thinks me having to miss the one thing I planned for all year is actually funny. That's the trouble with him.

"Oh, and why not?" I demanded, following him outside. We were supposed to walk back home from the shop. Everyone hated working Saturday night shifts back then. "You just don't understand-"

"No, you don't understand." He turned around to face me suddenly, almost causing me to crash into him. "I have plans too, you know."

"What plans?" I asked.

"Fine, two Saturday night shifts."


I'm sitting next to him now, remembering when it all started. Here I am now, Kit Hammond is finally going to go back home. We're all going home now, all of us. We're going to live at Archway House, and refinish it. Get back under the radar. Finish what we've started. Take better care of ourselves, each other, whoever comes to us.

Wanna hear what happened?

The End

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