A Matter of Love and Death.Mature

Cassie and Darryl are deeply in love. They live together and spend every moment they can in eachother's arms, one day dreaming of settling down and having children. But can their relationship really work when it's foundation is built upon secrets and lies?

I twisted in his arms, wanting to look at his face one last time before I went to sleep. I could hear his heavy breathing, telling me he was asleep, but his still firm grip almost made me think otherwise. In the semi-darkness, his skin was an even darker shade of tan, his features more defined, his normally dark curls now even darker, like a midnight sky. I untangled one arm, and stroked his cheek with the tip of my first finger. I ran the tip through his curls, loving the way they coiled around my finger, unwilling to let me go.. I wrapped my arm back around his bare, muscular chest and closed my eyes with a sigh of pure happiness. In his arms, I felt totally safe, safer than I had ever felt before. I shut my eyes, willing sleep to take me. My last thought was:

You have to tell him. 

The End

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