Anna Debbriga?


Chapter 6: Anna Debbriga?

“And it was all a dream?”

“Yes, and I dont think that was never my last name, Debbriga, I was born a Valarious” Anna replyed slowly with her head down. She had told Carl everything that she ever dreamed she started to feel pain, like she had lived it.

An orderly was waiting at the door. Anna looked up and saw the small woman and nodded for her to come in.

“Ma'am, sorry to interupt you but Carly is needed by Van Helsing. And you ma'am are needed back in Transylvania, now” The orderly was cold.

Carl got up and hugged Anna and whispered, “Good luck and maybe you will find your memories in transylvania.” And walked out off the room.

Anna stood up slowly and made her way to the door. “Time to kill a vampire.”

The End

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