The fight


Chapter 5: The beast

“Anna wake up.” Anna woke up to find herself in the center of a bed fit for a queen. Golden sheets shone in the light of the candles. On her right there the most magnificant man stood before her.

“Valdislaus, my head hurts. Where are we? How did I get here?”

Valdislaus smiled showing off his bright white teeth. “Welcome to Castle Dracula. My new home.” His smile faded as his hand traced the outline of a scar on his neck that Anna had never noticed before. “Marishka brought you here.”

“Marishka!” Anna jumped from bed in fear.

“Hey, hey,” Valdislaus whispered. “Dont worry she's not going to hurt you again. I promise.”

“What happened?” Anna walked toward him and stopped just inches from his face. Her hand traced his face. “What happened?” She asked softly.

Valdislaus took a deep breath and took her hand from her face and slowly slid it down to his chest, over his heart.

Anna closed her eyes and sighed. “That what I thought happened.” She whispered pulling herself up against him and rested her head on the his chest.

“Why arent you running? I could kill you? I am a monster.” He pushed her away and put his back to her.

“I dont care.”

“Why.” He turned around and allowd his kanines to show. “Look at me.”

Anna could feel tears fill up her eyes. She let them spill over. “You saved my life.”

“I can still take it away.” Valdislaus turned away from her and left the room.


The End

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